The Defeated Season 2: Netflix Officially CONFIRMED the Series!

Will there be The Defeated Season 2? Why the officials have not responded to anything about the series yet? Is there anything that you are missing about the series? Fans are flooded with many such questions and it is obvious to look for the answers if these because it’s about their favorite series. The Defeated is a popular German Detective series which is recently landed on Netflix and was flooded with huge success. With its first season typically ending on a suspicious note, fans want to know if there is any chance for the second season to happen.

Fans are already ready to welcome the second installment since they are optimistic about its second part. Criminal detective-based stories have already been a perfect way of entertainment. The Detective, which is known as Shadowplay in german, has been one of the most anticipated series. 


Filled with several turns and great plot writing, the show has managed to get the attention of the global audience. Since it focuses on the detective and crime genre, it is kinda clear why the people are so much into it. Many people think of the series as detective-based, however little did they know that it is more than that. With completing storyline and dark humor that might not be indicated somewhere, I think that if you are someone who loves to explore historical events then this is something that would go for you. 

The story will come out amazingly and throughout the first season, you will find yourself humping about the future. That’s why there is a huge number of people who are still waiting for the series to turn another page. Here is everything that you should know about this series. 

The Defeated Season 2: Will there be Another Season?

The Defeated Season 2

In 2020, Defeated was released on Netflix and created a huge buzz on the platform. After a few days of its premiering, the show was among the Top 10 list on Netflix which sank its popularity further. There is no wonder about the greatness of the show. Centering around the dark times of the world of the German country during the World War II phase, the show has a lot of things to explore. 

The defeated Season 2 is returning. Yes, you heard it right. In an interview with Deadline, the creator of the show has revealed their plans regarding the show. Fans were concerned about the future of the show since the series has left the storyline on a cliffhanger. 

Anyone who is fearing that there won’t be any further seasons of the show is completely missing out on a lot of things. Earlier, the showrunner has revealed that they had planned the show to be a 2 seasons show and each season has 8 episodes which summed up to be 16 episodes in total. 

As for now, the first season has already premiered and it already released 8 episodes which means that 8 are remaining. It comes with sad waves since the second season will be the last and the finale of the show.  

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The Defeated Season 2 Release date: When is it going to Premiere?

The Defeated Season 2 Release Date

The Defeated has always been a 16-episode show.  Måns Mårlind, the creator of this German series has already explained this in an interview. With so much information on the internet, many people are assuming this is fake. The last episode of the first season typically ended, making everyone wonder about what could happen in the future of the show. 

Following the drastic episode in the German condition and World War II, it would be great if the fans would be able to see everything super early. 

Now, the release date is one of the most requested things for the audience. The second season is already ready but when is it going to be delivered? There is no official release date confirmed. The show is likely to release this year and if everything goes as accordingly, we might get the show in 2022.

The viewers are hoping to watch the second season in late or mid-2022.

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The Defeated Season 2 Cast: Who will be back in it?

The Defeated Season 2 Cast

The story of The Defeated centers around  Max McLaughlin ( Taylor Kitsch), a German policeman who is in the search of his brother. The search for Max is still on hold and things will get more clear in the second season. If there will be another season, which is already going to happen, we will be seeing Max back as the policeman. 

On the other hand, Logan Marshall-Green is setting back as Moritz McLaughlin and he had already been chasing our hero through letters and getting the evidence that helps to search for his brother. 

Moreover, there are many additional characters in the show and the second season will reunite them back in the series. For that, we believe that  Michael C. Hall as U.S. Vice Consul Tom Franklin, Tuppence Middleton as his flirtatious wife Claire Franklin, Nina Hoss as leader of the local police precinct Elsie Garten, and Benjamin Sadler as her captured husband Leopold Garten. Characters like Alexander Izosimov (Ivan G’Vera), Karin (Mala Emde), Gad (Maximilian Erhenreich), and Dr. Werner Gladow (Sebastian Koch) is coming back.

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The Defeated Season 2 Plot: What it will be about?

Max, came to Berlin and collected evidence for his brother. The delay centers around Max who is working in the Police Investigation Team and currently pursuing a personal investigation for her brother. 

On the other hand, there is a death of a girl named Anne Friedrich and the cops are also pursuing an investigation regarding that too. But Max is already covered by her brother. The second season already ended, lifting major hints for another season. The series has a lot of things from criminal investigation to the mafia and gang world.

We also witnessed that Mortiz is alive at the end of the first season, which means that he is already ready to take revenge on the Nazis. The second season will bring back all the possibilities that could happen with these characters. Also, what happens to the death of the girl? There are questions regarding Gladow continuing her criminal work.

There are a lot of things left to cover but the official synopsis is not yet revealed. The second season will further start from the end of the first season and we are likely to get all the things clear.

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Is there any official trailer to Watch?

Unfortunately, there are no updates on the official trailer. The officials are yet to release a trailer for the second season. We’ll make sure to update the article as soon as the official trailer gets released. 

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