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The Dark Knight Rises Movie has been Voted the Best Film of The Decade




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The movie Dark Knight Rises has been crowned the best film of the last decade after topping a huge poll. For the people who still haven’t watched the movie yet is a big shame.

Here is a summary of the movie in short; Bane, an imposing terrorist, attacks the Gotham City and disrupts its eight-year-long peace. This forces Bruce Wayne to come out of the hiding and don the cape and cowl of Batman again.

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I, personally am a true fan of Batman. The batman movie truly deserves the title of the best movie of the decade. The 2012 box office hit was directed by Christopher Nolan, saw off The Wolf of Wall Street, Inception and Toy Story 3 as the best film of the past ten years after a series of votes.

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The movie after its release almost had a box office collection of 110 USD crores with just the budget of 25 USD crores. Here we must appreciate the work and effort put in by the whole production team.

The movie also won some awards which included Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie and many more awards. Almost 93 percent of the viewers liked the movie and has received very good reviews from the public.

Actors like Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy was really awesome in the movie. Their characters have been loved by many. Tom Hardy played the character of Bane, the villain and he was extremely extraordinary in it. He had the best dedication in the movie which is why the movie became a huge success in the past decade.

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We are extremely happy for the whole team of Batman that they have earned this prestigious title. We all hope that more movies appear similar to this in the future for the eagerly waiting audience.

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