The Crown: The Truth Behind Princess Margaret’s Overdose


Princess Margaret’s frightening experiences encountered throughout the show: The Crown’s most up to date scenes goes to a breaking point in the sensational end to season 3. All through the show, Queen Elizabeth’s more sister is known as an unstable presence of sorts, continually discovering approaches to oppose the convention she’s relied upon to comply with. Yet, in season 3, her onscreen battles are more miserable than ever, and in the season finale, Princess Margaret goes through an overdose.

The Crown

This comes after a period of sentimental and intrapersonal battles. Moreover, the trigger is a dangerous battle between Margaret and Margaret’s husband, Antony Armstrong-Jones, who is the Earl of Snowdon. Their relationship is a long way from perfection, and they are both delineated looking for different connections. Margaret starts going out with Roddy Llewellyn, a young fire acquainted with her by common friends and they appear to be charmed by one another.

The gossip agents rush to grab hold of the newly discovered romance, and in the end, Tony goes up against the new couple in Margaret’s home.

He reveals Margaret he will “bring her to her knees” on the off chance that she keeps on dating Llewellyn, notwithstanding the way that Tony has been overlooking Margaret for quite a while and is carrying on his affairs. Roddy goes out when the battle among Margaret and Tony breaks out and however she tries to pursue him but fails in her endeavour. In her depression, she eventually overdoses taking drugs but whether it was intentional or not is still not clear. The queen is informed later.

Fortunately, Margaret survives the overdose and shares with her elder sister that she’s at long all ready to part ways from Snowden, this time for good. Fans should hold up until next season to find out about the fallout of the turbulent scene.


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