The Crown Season 4 Josh O’Connor is playing his role as Prince Charles.


The filming and production of The Crown Season 4 are started, and Josh O’Connor will again act as Prince Charles. While Emma Corrin was snapped portraying Princess Diana on numerous occasions, but O’Connor’s Charles has not been captured on camera.

At the weekend the actor was taken to measure up the British Museum and was made up to look specifically as the Duke of Cornwall.


Despite the severe weather, crew members tried to keep Prince Charles’ hairstyle intact. Prince Charles could be found donning a suit.

However, O’Connor’s ensemble is very suggestive of the lawsuit Charles wore for his engagement pictures. He confessed, “Finally, we all know what is going to happen in Season 4 with lots of the Diana years and where that went.

I believe it sets us in a way where we feel some sympathy for Charles, some comprehension of his playfulness and his rejection in the family.
Camilla offers that, I figure, the lively side of Charles.”

Claire Foy was settled less pay than Matt Smith.

In 2018, The Crown’s producers talked at an interaction that Matt Smith, who acted as the queen’s spouse, Prince Philip, had been paid more than Claire Foy, who depicted the monarch herself.

The pay inequality was claimed because Smith was popular once the show began, because of his role in Doctor Who. The show started, Foy has won Golden Globe, Emmy, and Screen Actors Guild Awards for her appearance as Queen Elizabeth II.

The Crown’s production company, Left Bank Pictures, openly apologized to the stars for the differences in payment. It had been notified months later that Foy would receive approximately ($274,000) in the paycheck.

But, the actress later clarified the information was not quite accurate.