The Crown Season 4: Emma Corrin as Princess Diana to O’Connor as Prince Charles’ here is everything


Shooting of The Crown Season 4 is in news from the very first day. The depiction of royal family is capturing everyone’s attention. This time, it is about Josh O’Connor who is representing Prince Charles.

The Crown Season 4: Emma Corrin as Princess Diana

Prior to this, Emma Corrin has been captured by the Paparazzies. She is portraying Princess Diana. Everyone  is appraising Corrin by for trying to be the exact replica of royal. Her images of shooting in the royal skirt had also got appreciation.


Coming back to  O’Connor’s, he hasn’t always been captured on camera. Luckily, this weekend the star step out for the shoot to The British Museum and gave a glimpse. He was made up to look exactly like the Duke of Cornwall.

The Crown Season 4: Prince Charles’ classic Hairstyle and Outfits

It is to noticed that despite of inclement weather, the crew of the show managed to to keep Prince Charles’ classic hairstyle intact. The real Prince Charles is always found wearing a suit similarly O’Connor was wearing. The outfit is remindful of the suit Charles wore for his official engagement photos with Princess Diana.

Season 4: O’Connor take on the upcoming

According to an interview which O’Connor gave in November 2019, he opened up about what viewers can expect from Season 4 of Netflix’s royal series.

He said, “Ultimately, we all know what’s going to happen in Season 4 with a lot of the Diana years and where that went. I think it sets us up in a way where perhaps we feel some sympathy for Charles, some understanding of his playfulness and his rejection from the family. Camilla offers that, I guess, the playful side of Charles.”