The Crown season 4 and other details, here’s all you need to know


Princess Diana’s Concorde Flight is replicated in The Crown season 4 and other details, here’s all you need to know :

After covering all the events that occurred between 1964 to 1977 in the third season of the popular British web television series, The Crown, the show is confirmed of the fourth season! The fourth season is all set to focus on conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her rocky relationship with the queen.


Yet another interesting aspect of the fourth season will be the depiction of Princess Diana ( the future Princess of Wales). Prince Charles married Diana in 1981 after a brief courtship, following the birth of their eldest son Prince Harry in 1984 and finally leading to the separation of the royal couple in 1992.

The show is all set of focus on the life of Princess Diana. Emma Corrin will be playing the role of the Princess and it looks like the actress has managed to capture every minute detail. In the latest pictures of Corrin, we can see her posing on a Concorde, a mode of transport used by Diana on several occasions. Moreover, Corrin has been spotted with an actor playing the role of Prince William as a toddler, in what is anticipated to be the recreation of the 1984 Buckingham Palace Easter egg hunt. Thus we assume that we will see a lot of the Princess in the fourth season and we couldn’t be more thrilled!