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The Crown Season 3: The Real Meaning Revealed

The Crown is a Netflix original series that depicts the life of the British monarchy and current Monarch Elizabeth II.

The intense intense life of the Windsor house is shown in the series starting from Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne to the incidents later. The show beautifully portrays the differences between Elizabeth II and her husband and consort Prince Philip II the Duke of Edinburgh. The third season is a time skip and focuses on the crisis of Britain at that time with princess Margaret scandals and Prince Charles.

The Crown Season 3

The academy award winner Olivia Coleman plays the role of Queen Elizabeth II and Clarie Foy preceding her. The plot of the third season revolves around Princess Margaret played by Helena Carter. The next season will involve the tension between the two sisters with the addition of Princess Diana Spencer. Season 3 of The Crown premiered on Netflix on Nov 17, 2019. The newest season of the show covers the royal family from 1964 to 1977.

The Crown Season 3

The royal role was passed on from actress Claire Foy who played Queen Elizabeth II in the first two seasons, to Olivia Colman who stars in the third. During this period which the Netflix show displays to the audience, she has given numerous speeches that caught the country’s and the audience’s attention. The third season of The Crown has gripped its audiences following the two-year wait for the latest season. The speech which stands out is the queen’s speech at Christmas.

According to sources “Throughout her reign, public speaking events have remained a dominant part of the Queen’s attempt to engage with, unite and reassure her people. According to another source, “The most memorable of these have perhaps been delivered during her annual Christmas address – last year watched by 6.3 million people.” Some say that The Queen also repeatedly spoke about the knowledge and power “we” possessed.

The 1976 – Christmas speech brought the message of peace to a troubled kingdom when the economy of Britain was falling. Not only was the economy youth unemployment was steadily rising. The country also had been through a long drought in the previous summer and there was still trouble brewing in Northern Ireland, one of the colonies of Britain.

A language expert said this was her opportunity to “bolster morale” ahead of the celebrations. The focus of this speech was from her visit to America, as she accompanied them in their bicentennial celebrations earlier that year.

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