The Crown: 5 Historically Accurate Costumes And 5 That were made up


The Crown is one of Netflix’s original series, known for a lot of reasons, it’s outfitted being one of them.

Underneath are some outfits that are true in a historical sense and remaining, of the designer’s imagination and creativity.


10) The wedding dresses- accurate
Both the first and second season of crown featured 2 wedding gowns.

The show opens up with Princess Elizabeth preparing for her wedding to Philip Mountbatten, wearing an ivory silk wedding dress with exquisite floral embroidery on skirts, bodice, and train.

Margaret married Anthony Armstrong in a minimalist, streamlined gown of silk organza. The real royal wedding gowns were designed by Norman Hartnell.

9) Margaret’s royal coat- made up
The actual princess was 7 inches shorter than the actress who played the role of Princess Margaret hence the dresses were made to fit Vanessa Kirby’s tall frame.

One prime example can be the checker’s wool coat which we wore on the bike. The coat was an original creation and the bold pattern and fabric would have overwhelmed real life, Princess.

8) Elizabeth’s coronation attire- accurate
Michele Clapton’s designer was fortunate enough to discover a copy of the royal celebration gown for the 2012 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The outfit based off the first by Norman Hartnell highlighted weaved floral emblem of the nation under the Queen’s royal principle in silver and golden thread.

7) Elizabeth’s Teal Ball Gown- made-up
Elizabeth wears this teal outfit with flower weaving to the ballet where she watches Philip’s supposed lover winning applause.

The fluid example and smooth movement of the skirts as Elizabeth moved made this one of the most famous outfits from the show.

6) Charles’s Investiture:

accurate Another vigorously documented occasion, Charles’ induction as Prince of Wales displayed the royals in vivid attires.

The real royals looked as brilliantly ludicrous as characters on the show.

5) Margaret’s white house dress- made up
In the Season 2 scene, Princess Margaret is on a diplomatic aim to the US to impress President Johnson.

She did it entirely in a floral red off-shoulder gown, outstandingly different from the pink dress and bolero coat the genuine Princess Margaret wore in 1965 to the state banquets.

4) Elizabeth’s Aberfan coat- accurate
Elizabeth doesn’t normally sport red, mostly cooler times. Her most remarkable ensembles to highlight red have all been intense circumstances where the notoriety of the crown was in question.

She wore a red coatdress when she made a tone-challenged speech at the auto manufacturing plant. Finally, Elizabeth wore a twofold breasted red coat and cap when she visited the site of theAberfan mining catastrophe.

3) Anne’s orange sweater dress: made-up
Anne’s disrespectful way to deal with royal life illuminates her style decisions, for example, this design-forward counterfeit neck sweater dress she wore for a family moment.

The in vogue consumed orange shading and short skirt could have fit right in at Mad Men’s advertisement showing that Anne was in modern time.

2) Tiaras in season 1&2: accurate
The Crown gave close consideration to outfit details like jewelry, and specifically, the tiaras.

The show would use imitations of genuine pieces, including the Poltimore tiara at Margaret’s wedding, the George IV precious stone diadem, the Queen Mary’s periphery tiara at Elizabeth’s wedding. The designer team made sure to increase the show accuracy by their accurate tiaras.

1) Tiaras in season 3: made up
Season 3 of The Crown pursued a progressively natural procedure for outfits with a new designer.

Rather than careful copies, Elizabeth wore designed tiaras and adornments sets that worked with the remainder of the gathering however didn’t exist in the genuine royal life.

The special case is Margaret’s wedding tiara, which showed up for a minute in “Margaretology.