The Conjuring 3 The Devil Made Me Do It, Release Date, Who Is In The Cast, Plot Trailer And Many more

The Conjuring 3- The Devil made me do

The fans are really waiting for this part to come out. The previous parts of the franchise were very good and it gave the fans a good thriller and horror scenes.

Now, it is confirmed that after the first and second part of Conjuring Warner Bros has also confirmed that they will now be coming with a third part for the fans of the movie.


The plot of the third part has not been revealed by the officials of the movie. But, we are sure that they are going to make it superb for the fans. 

We did not hope for the first and second part that it would be so great in their genre. But, both the part of the movies did really well in the world and with their collections as well.

The Conjuring 3 – Our Summer of Song

Till now there is nothing revealed about the plot of the third part of the movie. So, till then I would recommend the fans to stay or have patience they will come up with the plot very soon.

Release Date

Now, there is a good news for the fans of the franchise that Warner Bros have revealed the release date for the fans of the show. The third part of the movie will be releasing on September 11, 2020.

That is this year itself so, the fans just have to wait for two months then they will get their favourite movie coming up on the big screen.

But, there is a high chance of this happening but, the global pandemic is not stopping. The virus is keeping on increasing day by day. 

So it could be anything at the end of the release date time, we are hoping that the release date will be pushed back. The fans should have patience and wait for more details from the officials of the movie.


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