The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Has Discontinued Country-by-country Travel Advisories

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that it will no longer keep a list of Covid-19 travel advisories for foreign nations, another indicator of the gradual return to pre-pandemic normalcy even as the virus kills approximately 1,400 people worldwide every day.

Instead, the FDA stated that it will publish travel health advisories only for “a problematic Covid-19 variant” or other situation that would affect travel recommendations for a specific country, as it does with other diseases such as monkeypox, polio, and yellow fever.

The statement comes as data reporting on the epidemic has been reduced globally. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it was removing the list of advisories because “fewer nations are testing or reporting Covid-19 cases,” reducing the agency’s capacity to appropriately assess the risk level for travelers.

The C.D.C. removed a “do not travel” warning for around 90 countries and other sites due to the Covid risk in April, saying it would reserve that classification for “exceptional situations.”

The same month, a federal judge overturned the C.D.C.’s mask requirement for air, rail, and bus travel. The government abolished the requirement that passengers traveling to the United States provide a negative coronavirus test result before boarding in June.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relaxed its domestic Covid rules in August, emphasizing that while the virus was “here to stay,” the United States now had the means to prevent severe sickness and mortality. In a recent interview, President Biden said that “the pandemic is finished.”

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