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The Cast Of Netflix’s Astronomy Club Have Been Doing This Thing For Years

Sketch comedy may look too white, but a new Netflix series is helping to change that. Producer Kenya Barris (Black-ish, Girls Trip) will bring comedy from the first all-black team of the UPI Citizen Brigade to the small – or very small – screen at the Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show. The cast of the Astronomy Club includes all eight members of the group, who go by the same name, performing live at the UCB Theater in New York City.

Although the Netflix show would certainly expand the comedy of the Astronomy Club to a larger audience, it probably had already had much success. According to the group’s website, he was named Comedy Central Comics to watch at the 2016 New York Comedy Festival. He also produced a web series with Comedy Central last year. And as seen in the following slideshow, many of them have also appeared in a wide range of other shows.

At the astronomy club, viewers can expect sketches about black culture, racism, sexism, dating, and more. But to be selective as soon as you enter politics. As Star Zerah Milligan told Variety, “What is so much political comedy on television? What’s more? We know the system is garbage … We soon decided that if we wanted to say anything about politics, So let someone else do it. ”

To know that you will really bring something new to politics and the show will premiere on 6 December.

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