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The Business Of Drugs: Season 1 Recap ‘Cocaine’




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The Business Of Drugs, Updates, Though the drug cocaine leaves a humble, medical origin, The Business of Drugs examines how the drug has evolved into something people war against. Former CIA analyst Amaryllis Fox takes us on a tour of the cocaine trade, from cultivation and then processing to smuggling.

Fox first interviews a lot of LA-based cocaine dealers named Roy. Roy says that he will always have customers, telling the audience that an ounce is worth about 900 dollars. According to the series, cocaine use in America has become huge since 2013. Rodrigo Canales, who is the Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Yale, notes that Cocaine offers reliable, consistent pricing which is important for both buyers and the sellers.

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The Business Of Drugs

The Business of Drugs Season 1 Recap ‘Cocaine’

Colombia is still the leading producer of cocaine drug since Pablo Escobar. The Business Drugs compares the old Medellin Cartel to Ikea, which owns forest and milling operations, assuring the smooth production model.

Amaryllis then takes us to Buenaventura, which is a coastal seaport city where cocaine often passes through. For many, the cocaine gangs are some people’s only chance. Economist Hernando Zuleta says, despite the risks, cocaine production has stability not as common in the other farming ventures. Well, this even includes coffee which, despite being consumed commonly, deals with more variables.

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For a time, the government of Colombia spread cancer-causing chemicals on coca crops, which soon had to be halted. Although the FARC has historically trafficked cocaine, there is a sense that someone else will be always stepping on the plate. The Business of Drugs compares it to a many-headed hydra.

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In fact, there is an almost comical contrast between Carlos the eradicator uprooting, and eliminating coca crops as Marco the coca farmer produces more in his lab. We see some of the processing.  We also meet Luis, who conceals cocaine in children’s toys, among other places.

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