The Boys Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything Fans Need to know


While most of the film and TV industry has ground to a halt, The Boys season 2 is about to soar again.

Series creator Eric Kripke has offered an update on the Amazon Prime superhero series – and it’s excellent news for those that want to ascertain Supes again sooner rather than later.


Some teasers have been dropped by the creator Eric Kripke took to his original Twitter record to rate photographs of himself alongside the essential cast. Look at it beneath.

“I get asked tons, therefore the Boys update: finishing season 2 remotely,” Kripke said on Twitter, easing fears that The Boys season 2 could be delayed.

“Many visual effects and audio are to undertake to, but we’re so close! Release date (& other cool things ) are on the track to be announced as soon as possible!”

The season 2 of the Boys are being pretty far along in post-production as it shouldn’t have come as too much of a shocker.

The first trailer debuted way back in December, while Kripke also told Collider round the first season’s release that he wanted season 2 to “drop one full year after the first season, so about an equivalent time next year.”

It’s officially been the longest year ever, a reminder: The Boys season 1 launched in July 2019. That interval peers up with the creative team putting the las final blows on the season second.

The hopes of many for July (or sooner, ideally) has been earmarked for The Boys season 2 release date.

As for that “cool stuff” as Kripke puts it? No word yet, though The Boys have already got a skill added as ‘weird Japanese commercials’ on their Resume(CV).

There’s no telling how far things are going to be pushed next time. But keep your ears on the brink of the bottom – The Boys are (almost) back in town.