The Boys Season 2: Release Date And Every Other Detail

The Boys Season 2 Release Date And Every Other Detail

The Boys Season 2 is an American action series that was released last year. The series gained huge popularity soon after the release and it was well-received by the audience too. The season has got a good rating according to the critics too. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the show has got a rating of 84 percent which is not quite bad.


Based on Garth Ennis (Preacher) and Darick Robertson’s (Transmetropolitan) action-packed comic book series, Amazon Prime Video Original The Boys dig deep into its fictional society and look at how superheroes and the civilians could co-exist.

The Release Date Of The Boys Season 2:

The Boys Season 2- Release Date And Every Other Detail

The latest season of the series will premiere on Sep 4, 2020. The release date was announced on June 24, 2020, during a virtual reunion of the show’s cast hosted by Patton Oswalt. He will be joining the new season as Tek Knight, a superhero who can fly in space. The trailer for the upcoming season is also released and it is available on Youtube.

In the reunion of the cast which was short-live streamed on June 24, the first three minutes of the first episode is shown. Rollover to the 47:30 mark to see CEO Stan Edgar take over the operations of Vought International after the death of Madelyn Stillwell at the end of the first season. Black Noir is also shown taking out some of the baddies.

Are There Any New Photographs?

An image giving fans a fresh look at the main characters, including Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher, Jack Quaid’s Hughie Campbell, and The Seven, was shared on the show’s official Twitter page on May 27, 2020.

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