The Black Masks wants to kill Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey


The Black Masks wants Harley Quinn dead in Birds Of Prey with a few explanations why. The movie follows the events of Suicide Squad 2016, Harley Quinn has taken a new direction in life as well as her characterization in the DC universe. 

She has split from the Joker and is living on her terms for the better or the worse no one knows. Now, on her own, it appears that she has caught the eye of Roman Sionis better known as the villainous Black Mask.

In the most recent trailer of the Birds Of Prey, Harley Quinn mentions however since she and Mr. J split up all of the leading villains in the Gotham wants her dead more than anything else. 

Topping the list is the narcissistic lord Black Mask, who will be making his debut in the DC universe in the film, as well as his first-ever live-action appearance for the first time. 

Though the exact reasons are still unclear why he wants to take out former Dr. Harley Quinzel, there have been subtle hints dropped during the marketing.

Perhaps her split from the Joker has led to his previously established hot temper making it harder for Gotham criminals to work with the Clown Prince of Crime. 

Jared Leto’s version of the character, seen in Suicide Squad back in 2016, is one of Gotham’s most successful and powerful crime lords. At the same time, he was characterized as being incredibly protective over Harley, to the point of obsession. 

Joker would be outrageous when Harley Quinn would ditch him. The breakup is the key piece of the film and it would be wonderful for the fans to think about what would happen.

Let us hope the best for the whole team and wish them all the luck from all our sides.