The Black Desert Online battle royale spinoff Shadow Arena places a premium on levelling your skills.


If there were any MMO on the market that could go into the battle royale genre hugely, it would appear to be Black Desert Online. The game even had its fight royale mode in the game, but it was pushed out of the title because of rampant exploits. Now that it is getting a standalone edition in Shadow Arena, though, the claim can extend its legs a little while giving its expensive gimmick in the form of leveling up your skills mid-match.

Developer Kwang Sam Kim tells that the mid-battle leveling launches a new twist to the gameplay and gives advantages for anyone who can remain longer with less intuitive character, like the ranged Herawen (who begins slowly in direct combat but can stay for an extended period).


The Black Desert

Beta testing is continuing, so it remains to be discerned if this gameplay style will be complete with pushing the head to prominence through its peers; it is an entirely different than its direct competitors just the similar. Enthusiasts of Black Desert Online will already be known with the concept of Shadow Arena. Still, for those not in the familiarity, it is a standalone PvPvE action battle royale acquired in the Black Desert Online universe.

You can handle the Shadow Arena solo or as part of a team. Much like the Overwatch and Apex Legends, there are infinite characters and classes to select from – players will get to know many of the characters from Black Desert’s rich lore, though new characters will be included in the roster both before and after launch.

Rules for the Shadow Arena are much similar to any other fight royale: you will be up against 49 players, you are required to stay in the circle, discover the better gear and harm your foes. Along with other players, you will also acquire to battle monsters that are scattered through the map, which becomes extra challenging to hurt as the circle comes in.