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The Big Bang Theory: Most Obscure References Made By The Gang

The Big bang theory is a treasure of popular culture which pays homage to a number of the foremost known names in nerdom.

Hence the show actually made its fans smarter they do not mind a culture and history lesson. Some of the most important references in the show which you don’t really know.

1. The Aishwarya and Madhuri:-

Remember, when Sheldon and Raj watching Devdas, starring Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai. where Aishwarya is considered to be among the most beautiful Lady in the world, Sheldon likes Madhuri more and better, and also called Aishwarya as ‘ poor man’s Madhuri’.

This truly made Raj disappointed as he is more fond of Rai but still in Bollywood Madhuri is held at a much higher place as aa n actor.

2. Hell Blazer (The Big Bang Theory)


When penny asked for a comic book for her nephew who is 13 years old, Stuart recommended a Hella Blazer comic.

The Big Bang Theory Most Obscure References Made By The Gang

He then introduced John as “a man who has lung cancer but still smokes and is also tormented by the undead spirits”. This surely makes sense for a comic book buyer to pick out this.

3. Ganesha:-

In the scenario where both the boys are playing war with ketchup bottles and salt and pepper shakers at the cheesecake factory, Raj pitches our Hindu mythology lords Ganesha and shiva against the Army, the hulk, and orcs.

When the Howard questions rah about this move, he explained that Lord Shiva is considered to be ‘The destroyer’ and the Ganesha is known as the ‘obstacle remover ‘.

4. The Bakersfield Comic-Con:-

In the Season 6, when both the boys head out to the Bakersfield comic con where Leonard tells penny that this specific conversion is exemplified a culture before comic con turned into Hollywood and became commercial. It is a real comic con although it is not as famous as San Diego still it remains the favorite.

1. The Inspector Gadget:-

  1. Inspector Gadget did acquire a strong fan base. Despite the fact that the film didn’t do well on box office collection but still the series was a hit on the Halloween costume circuit and was a favorite with Leonard as he dressed up as the Inspector for the season 12’s Halloween episode.


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