The Best Way to Ship Packages from the USA to Europe

Sending packages from one country to another has never been more important than nowadays. In the times of Covid-19, international package shipping helps people around the globe to reach and connect with each other.

In this article, we’ve outlined what is the best ways to ship packages from the USA to Europe. The recipe is simple, yet very effective. If you’re the one struggling with international package shipping, figure out how to ship overseas easily with the following tips.


Consider customs and other fees

One of the scariest parts of international package shipping is the various fees and of course, customs duties. But you can overcome this fear by consulting with your package shipping services provider. They will inform you on how deliveries of cross-border parcels to your destination point work to get you on the right foot. Usually, the only thing you’ll need to do is fill out the declaration form. But it always depends on the destination country’s customs, as each has different rules.

Also, don’t forget about restricted and prohibited items. Each country has different rules on what items they accept, so you need to be aware of this list before putting goods in your international package.

Take into account destination point

When choosing a shipping carrier, make sure that they ship to your destination point. Also, be careful with shipping providers who ship to each part of the globe. It’s better to choose the one specializing in the exact route. Let’s say you are shipping to Poland from the USA. When picking a shipping carrier, choose the one specializing in this exact route. This way you’ll get more quality and lower shipping rates.

Don’t Overpay

Whatever the destination country is, you do not want to overpay for international package shipping services. But how much international shipping should cost? Shipping rates vary due to many factors and there is no particular price for shipping services. It is determined by the size and the weight of a package, delivery times, shipping methods, and more. However, the major factor here is fixed courier prices. And unfortunately, many carriers lately have boosted it unreasonably. Therefore, be aware of shipping rates and avoid overpaying.

Choose a trusty package delivery company

Last but not least is choosing an international package shipping company. Actually, this is one of the most important parts if you want to send packages from the USA to Europe successfully. Having a reliable carrier by your side eliminates all the worries about international shipping mentioned above.

Avoid scammers and questionable shipping services. Instead, choose a company based on its experience and reviews from other customers. To do that, look up the company’s website and find out what they say about their services. Then, find some reviews online and check whether the reviews adhere to the information on the website. If the only thing you see are negative reviews or there are none, you better go with another international package shipping company.

Get your international packages insured

The longer the international journey is, the bigger chance the package has to get damaged, lost, or even stolen. Package insurance helps to avoid worrying when your package is in transit. However, it usually costs extra. If you don’t want to pay for it, you should pick a carrier offering free package insurance.

International package shipping is a complex procedure followed by many rules and restrictions. No wonder it scares potential package senders away. But once you get to know how it works and what to expect, it becomes far easier. Hopefully, the tips above will make stepping into international package shipping easier. If not, simply choose the one from the best package shipping companies and rely on them.

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