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The Best Resident Evil Bosses of All Time




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The monstrous bosses of resident evil have been a core pillar of the series since the beginning. Whether it is the terrifying monstrosities of the Uroboros project or the iconic Tyrants, there are many amazing bosses to be found in every game of the franchise.

Now, with the remake of Resident Evil 3 shortly, we thought it was the perfect time to take a look back at the franchise to find the top Resident Evil bosses.


Nemesis is a part of Resident Evil 3. Nemesis is one of the scariest in the series. He is not meant to be defeated by anyone. This seemingly invincible mode of a tyrant could appear at any time during the game, insisting you fight or flee at the drop of a hat.

William Birkin

Dr. William reluctantly injects himself with the virus to pull through injuries received during a standoff with Alpha Team over the virus itself. You will fight the Dr many times during Resident Evil 2 remake and each time he is more monstrous and less in control than the last.

Lisa Trevor

Lisa is the most tragic character in all of the Resident Evil. The depressing story of her abduction, transformation, and abuse was a new addition to the 2002 remake, as was her terrifying boss fights.


Verdugo is a frightening quick monster that stalks you through the sewers, appearing multiple times to try to kill you before the actual fight begins. When it does, one can kill Verdugo by dumping bullets, but the smarter move is to freeze it using the liquid nitrogen tanks that litter the area.

T-103 Tyrant

Better known as Mr.X earns a spot in this list because of his role in the rest of Resident Evil 2’s remake. After your first encounter with him early into the campaign, he will never stop chasing you and you cannot kill him even though he can be thwarted by certain doors.

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