The Best Movies Theater of 2019 (So Far), Ranked


With so many ways to see movies now, there is no reason to wait until the year’s close to finding out what was worth watching.

That is the simple idea driving this list of the best pictures of 2019, which is continuously updated and carefully calibrated throughout the year as new titles premiere at film festivals, fall on Netflix and other streaming services, and, yes, even find their way into the local movie theater.

Just like last year, I’ll do my very best to keep you in the loop on the giant blockbusters you can not miss and the smaller movies you have to find out.

From horror movies about kids to documentaries about music festivals that are disastrous, there ought to be something on this listing since the year continues, to satisfy your cravings that are cinematic that are specialized.

It’s important to realize that fantastic TV shows, songs, and memes are fighting for your precious focus, so consider this a pledge not to waste your own time. These are the best movies in 2019.

Why it’s great: While Satan has existed for quite a long time, the Satanic Temple, the primary focus of the sly documentary, was set in 2013 by Malcolm Jerry and Lucien Greaves.

The spokesperson for the group speaks with authority and humor about the business’s larger political goals, which center around religious freedom and the separation of church and state.

(Justifiably, the Satanic Temple doesn’t like it when governments install the Ten Commandments in State Capitals.)

Though they wear black and love metal, these are not the Satanists of those Satanic Panic in the’80s, which has a CliffNotes treatment, or even the fanatics from horror films.

Utilizing material of news programs and Sunday school cartoons, the viewer is given a crash course on the place of Satanism by Lane in history while also emphasizing the nature of contemporary Satanists.

Despite several repetitive interviews, Hail Satan functions as a humorous, thoughtful primer on a group that just trolls with the best intentions.


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