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The Benefits for Students of Using Modern Gadgets When Writing an Essay on Books

Modern gadgets have transformed how students research and gather data to write essays. It has made many of the steps less time-consuming and more reliable while improving the quality of the output. Here are 5 of the biggest benefits students get by using modern gadgets while writing an essay on books.

Retention and picture memory

Mindmaps have grown extremely popular as a tool for greater retention of concepts and subject topics. This is because it involves both pictures and colors to make retention of a ton of information easy, simply by memorizing the image.

Modern gadgets can be used by students to quickly make mindmaps of different ideas and concepts mentioned in books, along with other important points, to make writing an essay that much simpler.

Students can look at the mindmaps and quickly recollect the details of important points while writing essays. This eliminates time spent searching for these points while also make it easier to retain whatever was read.

Using examples and samples online

Modern gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops allow students to quickly browse the Internet and find sample essays on topics of their choice. Gradefixer is great if you’re looking for free essay samples to make writing easy. You’ll find plenty of book essay samples that go into great depth.

You can try finding a sample essay pertaining to the book of your choice and take inspiration from it while writing your own essay. The use of modern gadgets for such tasks makes writing essays easier and faster. To browse through GradeSaver’s collection of book essay samples, visit https://gradesfixer.com/free-essay-examples/books/. GradesFixer is a known name among students in terms of free essay samples.

Great for group activities

Modern gadgets make it easier for students to collaborate on projects together. If you are working on your essay on a book with a classmate, you need not work together physically or work separately. Google Docs is a platform that students can use during group activities.

One person can create the document and share it with the team members. Then everyone can work simultaneously work on the same document and also add comments on each other’s work to make the editing work more efficient. Using such platforms makes it extremely easy for an entire team to work together and finish assignments faster.

Research is faster, easier

You no longer need to spend countless hours looking through books and journals in a public library. Researching is now a lot faster, thanks to Google and online journal websites. You can find a number of different journals and research articles online and refer to them while writing your essay.

Since you have access to so many articles and papers, your assignment is bound to be well-researched and a reliable source of information. If you’re looking for a way to quickly find papers and journals, try using Google Scholar.

Another advantage is that you can quickly verify the papers and journals you wish to use while writing your essay. If you have an idea in your mind but are wondering if it is valid or not, simply do a search using relevant keywords and look for any material that could act as supporting evidence.

Eliminates tedious processes

While writing essays or research articles, you might find it tiring to write citations for countless papers. But it is also necessary to cite supporting evidence in the right format. Modern gadgets make this task easy as well.

You’ll find plenty of citation machines online that will generate in-text citations and reference citations in the format of your choice. All you need to do is add the link to the article and you’ll have a citation ready to be used in your essay.

Another useful tool is the paraphrasing tool. Often, you might want to pick a sentence from a paper you’re citing, but you are required to paraphrase it to avoid plagiarism. This is where paraphrasing tools can help. All you need to do is add the text in the tool and you’ll have a paraphrased sentence in seconds. This can significantly reduce the time spent on paraphrasing certain lines.


The benefits of modern gadgets are far too many to be included in just one article. But these are some of the biggest benefits students who are writing an essay on books get while using modern gadgets. As a student, try to maximize the advantage you can get from such gadgets and write essays that are not just good for your grades but are also useful for anyone who wishes to research a similar topic.



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