The Beast Inside : Game Review


Did you know that Polish indie developers Illusion Ray Studios released Kickstarter in April 2018 for a survival-psychological horror game called ‘The Beast Inside’, which was released in early March 2019.

The title is rising like a breeze around the world without landing in publicity. Who is supported by more than 2,000 backers? The title was finally released on October 17, 2019. Please watch the trailer and play its demo once. On its face, it borrows concepts from games such as Firewatch, Resident Evil 7, Amnesia, and Remithead: Torched Fathers. If you enjoy those games as much as I did, ‘The Beast Inside’ can make your road right!


The story

“The Beast Inside” is focused around the narrative. This is a survival-horror game that takes place over two parallel periods. It travels in the same two protagonists: Adam Stevenson in 1979 and Nicholas Hyde in 1864.

The Beast Inside

Their lives were related to each other because they were unresolved. It is a murder mystery. The game begins in 1979 in Boston, Massachusetts. You play Adam Stevenson, a Cold War CIA cryptanalyst who leaves town with his pregnant wife, Emma. He goes to an elevated house inherited from his father, somewhere around rural areas. His master sends him to his safety. He attempts to crack a complex some military code. He can change the course of the Cold War. Things quickly take a turn for the worse in the new house, as he discovers his troubled history and the animal hidden within himself.

At the beginning of the game, Adam discovers the mysterious diary written by a young man named Nicholas Hyde, who grew up in Adam’s inherited house in the 1800s. Through the diary, we learn that Nicholas spent 10 years in an asylum due to the mistreatment of his father. Nightmares of the past led to the lives of Adam, Emma and their unborn child in 1979. Both Nicholas and Adam have many mysteries and burials, violent memories. Both are unaware of the danger hidden within their minds.


First, Adam must keep the moving boxes away. He then finds a way into the attic of the old house as soon as you enter the attic. You come in a lock with a locking device. Adam is a code-breaker. At least the problem was defying throughout the game. ‘The Beast Inside’ puzzles are cleverly implemented and easily woven into the plot. When challenged, they don’t feel impossible, and I didn’t need to watch the gameplay video on YouTube to progress throughout the game.

The Beast Inside

Both protagonists can decipher treatise and look into interacting with objects. They can move chairs around, open floors, open doors and windows, and even pickpocket locks. At night, you use lanterns to see through the darkness, which helped make the atmosphere more energetic. The Amnesia-style lighting mechanic was not very good, with one side navigating. You can light candles in some areas, but they do not do much to illuminate the surrounding area.

The game switches between two consecutive periods. Usually, after tracing a clue from Adam’s past, it returns to the world of Nicholas Hyde. During the day the user plays Adam and Nicholas during the night. The actual horror section has been reintroduced into the past, while the present is used for riddles and exploration. To be honest, I loved it. The scary segments of the game don’t give you a break when you’re in a jump situation, and I was constantly excited to learn more about the story and what was going to happen next. Of course, I was mainly looking forward to the scary aspect of the game.

Beast Inside goes wrong (unlike, say, a game like Outlast) The fact is that as you advance in the game if you take the wrong path, you die when the enemy can kill you, like ‘The Beast Inside ‘. ‘In-game, the Chase sequence allows the user to place checkpoints near him, rather than playing from the beginning.

I usually like being able to start at an outpost before a cinematic or boss fight, but, in this case, it matters. I can answer a room before the occasion of my death, and until I complete the sequence. I wish there were more places to hide from the enemy – the moment the enemy sees you in the corner of your eye; you cannot run away and hide in the cabinet. You are instantly-killed and have to start over.

No Beast in Beast Inside

Beast Inside has large breathtaking environments with unrealistic engine photogrammetry technology. I enjoyed the photo-realism that game designers achieved through the inclusion of 3D-scanned objects – from unprecedented ray tracing to dust particles floating around the lantern, glittering on porcelain objects for. The landscape sound was both day and night. You can hear the wind blowing, the plants moving, the running water and the doors and stairs rippling.

Developers could add at least one pair here and there, or a squirrel could eat walnuts. This would have made the world even more reliable and majestic. Additionally, you have to roam in a limited area because the forest seems somewhat artificial despite all the huge vegetation. All in all, it just felt like a romp through a dark forest full of puzzles and (many times) weird QTE mechanics. Nevertheless, the game’s assets were gorgeous, especially on ultra settings, and clearly with high precision and dedication.
The setup of the game is excellent, but the performance can be greatly improved. The game had some free roam or sandbox capability, but unfortunately, it failed to deliver.

Wrapping up

The Beast Inside

I think The Beast Inside was generally successful, even if it depends too much on its effects. The jumper was well placed, though the suspenseful sound design allowed you to see many of them from a mile away. At least I did not disappoint her. If I had a big recommendation to give developers, the ability to choose a chapter to replay would have to be implemented.

The final chapter of the game has several endings. Once you see the credits, your progress is erased, and you have to start playing. It is not ideal for replaying the entire game to hunt for additional achievements, especially when some theatres cannot be skipped.

All this reduces the re-value of the title. There is no reason why players do not select a chapter in such a game to see all possible endings. Without this ability, I would like to watch an independent game to find out what I’m missing. I would also suggest the keys to reboot. And great news for PC users who can also play this game.