The Batman: What Car is The Batmobile?


Robert’s batmobile is The Batman looks like a modified 1970 Plymouth barracuda, with Ford triton V10 engine added on.

In The Batman, Pattinson as Bruce Wayne seems to have modified a Plymouth Barracuda to make his Batmobile. Following the set photos giving awkward looks at parts of the movie, director Matt Reeves decided to get out ahead of the leaks. Matt released the images of the Batmobile taken from different angles, giving a surprisingly detailed look at Batman’s new ride before set photos could leak.


The new Batmobile is pretty well received by the fans, continuing the aesthetic that the first look at the Batsuit implied. This is a Bruce who’s early enough into his Batman career that things are not perfect at all. There is even hand-stitching visible on the cowl, suggesting that Bruce Wayne is still making the costume himself.

Being so specifically based on an existing car is very unusual for the recent Batman appearances. Using something so mundane as a modified muscle car fits right in with the general aesthetics of the movie so far: it is good enough to work, while still giving Bruce a lot of room to improve over time.

There is also practicality in this Batmobile, which is surprising for a muscle car with a truck/Rv engine bolted on. While the car maybe a little old to have parts easily available, the engine is a different story. The engine has been produced in massive numbers for three decades now. If anything happens to the engine, it is easy to get the parts to replace it.

Well, then let us hope the best for the entire team and wish them luck for their upcoming movie. we hope that the new batman will be good as ever and will not disappoint the fans. The movie will be releasing next year.