The Batman Updates: Director Matt Reeves revealed how much of the Pattinson’s role has been filmed


The film maker Matt Reeves lately, said that The Batman movie was about twenty-five percent of the way through their planned production schedule when the movie had to be shut down due to the corona-virus pandemic, but that he is also using this time to review the footage they have shot and tweak the tone for the DC film.

He also said that they are not editing right now of the movie. They have actually shot a quarter of the movie and I have been pouring through the dailies, looking at the takes, and what is to come.


how much of the Pattinson's role has been filmed

The director also said that how complex and huge productions like The Batman are, there is never enough time for the preparation for them as the director would like. Now he has the time to adjust and also plan ahead based on what he is seeing.

How much of the Pattinson’s role has been filmed

how much of the Pattinson's role has been filmed-3

He also said that the changes have to really do with the whole movie. There are some parts which will be taking a lot of time. The scenes which they have not done which have connected to the main story line. This also gives a moment to think about the more larger sequences that have yet to come up and how the director want to realise those things.

The Batman director Reeves have revealed how much of the Pattinson movie has been filmed

Those tweaks in the tone will not necessitate and of the script changes, which the director said that took him two years to write about the current script. He also called the script of the movie ‘a very specific mystery noir that has been really thought-out by me and also my partners’.

Then in a separate interview with some of the source, the director once again reiterated that his new or the upcoming film is set in the early Batman’s career but that he wanted to do not an origin the tale, but the tale that would still acknowledge his origins.