The Batman Set Photos Revealed The First Look of Catwoman


There was a leak from the set of The Batman just gave the fans the very first look of Catwoman in the Matt Reeves upcoming superhero movie. Zoe Kravitz is playing the main villain in the highly anticipated movie, he will be starring opposite Robert Pattinson.

The leaked material involves a motorcycle chase between Batman and Catwoman and it is the first time that the fans have seen the iconic character in the action. The fans of ‘The Batman’ want more of this kind of leaks from the set.


We know that the director of The Batman has been pretty open about the project as filming for The Batman is currently underway. Before their latest leak, the director also released a short video that showed Robert wearing the latest version of the Batsuit.

This was the first time that the fans saw anything official from Reeves and also from his team. We all must admit that Robert Looks pretty good in his new Batsuit. The fans also have been commenting on the photo so much after it was released.

The video, unfortunately, did not show the entire suit. The short clip mainly showed off Robert’s torso before panning up to his face.

The short video also featured music from Michael Giacchino and also reminded the fans of a storyline from the 2013-2014 comics called Batman: Zero Year.

We have been reported that the director is not adapting the storyline in The Batman, but the resemblance is very much strong. Luckily, the fans of Batman got a better look at the Batsuit in the newly leaked images from the set.

According to one source, the new leak photo included a slew of photos and also a video of a scene from The Batman. The clip shows that Batman and Catwoman riding on motorcycles down a road before the caped crusader wrecks.

Looking at the short video, it is clear that the stuntman is wearing the Batsuit. We are also very much confident that the character is riding beside Batman as Catwoman, though it is unclear if it is also a stuntwoman or Kravitz.