The production of the upcoming new The Batman movie had to shut down for two weeks, but now it sounds like the delay or the shutdown will continue a bit more longer, and this is according to the director Matt Reeves.

The delay could also last longer than expected. The corona-virus pandemic has halted their countless films and also television productions across the world. From the fourth season of the Netflix’ s Stranger Things to the movie of the upcoming James Bond No Time To Die.


Batman has already undergone their interesting pre-production journey. This was once expected to star and also directed by the actor Ben Affleck, the film then experienced some changes when the actor stepped away and then Reeves took over. Robert Pattinson has now been slated to star as the Caped Crusader. This move found many of the character fans surprising, and many are very excited about it.

The director Reeves has kept the plot closely under the wraps or we can say he kept it very secret. But the star-studded the supporting cast has picked the fan interest. In addition to Pattinson, The Batman will also be starring Zoe Kracitz, Andy Serkis, then Colin Farrel, Paul Dano, and some more characters.

The director Reeves has also asked on Twitter that the production of The Batman had experienced any delays, and he then responded by saying them to have the shutdown. This also seems to indicate the previous two weeks delay has been evolved into an indefinite delay as the director Reeves and his crew wait for the Warner Bros to permit them.

The most delayed productions are suffering similar setbacks, and now it is also unclear that when they will be able to get back to work again and come with their confirmed release date.