The Batman: Kevin Smith Praises Matt Reeves Over The New Batmobile


Batman is one of the most popular superhero characters for DC. So if there is any change in the casting of Batman or even a new movie of Batman is on cards there will be a huge sensation created. 

As we all know Robert Pattinson was signed for the Batman role. It will a lot interesting to see him as Batman. In addition to that, the latest picture released from Matt Reeves of Batmobile made all remember the classic 1960s Batman series. 


Even Kevin Smith, a filmmaker, and Batman superfan couldn’t resist himself from commenting on this picture.

Words from Kevin Smith :

Kevin Smith is a lot happy and excited seeing the picture released by the director Matt Reeves. It was quite evident from his comments on it. As he commented saying that he liked it. 

It has got a nice Adam West and Barris feel to it. He further said that it’s believable Batmobile that someone’s not a billionaire could build. 

This also gives people the scent of Bruce Wayne. He finally thanked the director for the early looks and said that all are rooting for him.

It resembled the 1960’s version :


Right from the start of Batman, there are many changes in the Batmobile. In the Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight we can see it more like a tank while in Tim Burton’s Batman version is resembles a bulkier version of the Batmobile.

But this time the Matt Reeves version resemblances all with 1960’s Batmobile for the muscle feel the car shows.

In that older version, Adam West has played the Bruce Wayne and Burt Ward has played the Robin. So even the words from Kevin Smith depict the same that Matt Reeves’s Batmobile is much similar to the 1960s batmobile.

About the movie and it’s cast:

The new movie is directed by Matt Reeves. There are many new additions done to this film. Colin Farrell is signed to play the role of Batman villain Oswald Cobblepot. They were another new signing to the crew.

This was done by John Turturro to play the Batman villain and Gotham mob boss Carmine Falcone. It is all set on June 25 of 2021 for it to hit the theatres.

So the entire team of Batman is eagerly waiting just like the fans for their reactions to their effort to make this movie and showcase to them.


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