The Batman: Expected Release Date and Storyline of the upcoming movie


The upcoming Batman movie created a nice buzz among the fans with its unusual casting in the form of Robert Pattinson. Moreover, the director of the movie, Matt Reeves has made some mind bogging revelations about the new Batman movie.

There is quite an interesting ensemble for the team of villains as well. this movie is reputedly going to include several villains who are expected to fight the caped crusader. Amongst these villains, Slade Wilson is all set to play the role of the movie’s central antagonist.


The Plot of New Batman Movie

The Batman- Expected Release Date and Storyline of the upcoming movie -2

As far as the plot goes the director has said that he has plans to not make a move an origin story. Matt explains that he would like to explore some of the unseen sides of the caped crusader which have never been ventured before in any of the movies. The film is slated to release on June 2021.

The Batman Will Not Have One Villain


Because this time the Batman, Robert Pattinson is younger than the former actor who played the role of Batman. There’s a strong chance that we will go back in time and see how the dark knight copes with his trauma from his parents’ death. It would be an interesting watch as expected.

Matt Reeves has taken a wise decision as even in the latest Joker movie we were able to explore the clown prince’s story and what made him the dark lord of Gotham. So this time also we might see what happens in this journey of Bruce Wayne till he becomes Batman.

This journey will be an interesting one and the fans will have to wait until the chapter unfolds at the box office.

Till then stay safe and stay home guys. We wish the best for you.


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