The Batman And Matrix 4 Production Have Not Been Delayed Due To Coronavirus


Warner. Bros want to continue filming on highly anticipated films like The Batman and also The Matrix 4 despite the dangerous corona (virus). This was reportedly told us by some of the close sources.

The global pandemic has derailed many good productions of the entertainment industry, many events are being canceled, and theatres are closing down in the major movie markets around the world.

Some of the upcoming blockbusters movies like No Time To Die and Fast and Furious 9 have been delayed to avoid the gathering of large crowds and financial losses.

While some of the promotional events and release dates are pushed many of the good effective productions are also coming to halt. Some of the productions even have to cancel their whole show due to the coronavirus.

Major studios, like Marvel, lack the flexibility of MGM, NBC Universal, and there is Paramount Pictures as well due to their shared Cinematic universe.

The fact that plots and the characters develop from one film to the next makes their schedule relatively fixed. That said, Marvel’s upcoming Black Widow is still set to be released on May 1, however, the productions of Disney+ Falcon and The Winter Soldier also shut down due to this virus.

Walt Disney Studios may have paused their production on all their live-action films, but on the other hand, Princess Diana, the caped Crusader, and Neo appear to be on their track.

The Matrix 4 and The batman will continue, they have been filming in the UK and San Francisco with the release dates of May 21 and June 25, 2021, respectively.

The new upcoming DC’s suicide squad is already in the post-production, and Black Adam does not begin filming until later this year itself.

As the productions across the country continue to postpone, the news that Warner Bros. is seemingly determined to move forward with their The Matrix 4 and The Batman.