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The Baker And The Beauty Season 2: Cast, Story And Much More

New movies and shows releasing this month mean a few cancellations are bound to follow near. As Netflix’s April 2021 list of new titles is coming to a conclusion next week, there are a couple of names that may or may not appear on the streaming platform ever again.

The TV series The Baker and The Beauty introduced its first season last April, and there seems to be a heavy absence of information surrounding a renewal. Is there a season 2 insight with this intimate comedy or will fans need to clean up the kitchen and say goodbye?

Is The Baker And The Beauty Cancelled?

Unfortunately, things are not looking too good for The Baker and The Beauty because it was announced that the series would not be returning for season 2 until the first season concluded.

The Baker And The Beauty Season 2

The series came in the television network ABC and though getting moderate reviews with 86 percent from Rotten Tomatoes along with a 7.4 out of 10 out of IMDb. The show didn’t do too well in terms of viewership by ABC’s criteria.

The Baker and The Beauty was the worst-ranked series on the ABC network, averaging about two million viewers per episode, which while large, still wasn’t sufficient to protect against the television system from pulling the plug.

However, fans of this show are not going down without a fight.

They’re hoping that the streaming giant decides to save this series from the ill-fate, urging for both old and new fans to flow The Baker and The Beauty on Netflix so that there could be a chance at survival.

After all, the romantic comedy currently has a 91% for viewers rating on Rotten Tomatoes, meaning that the series is rather popular, and so that must mean something, correct?

As of now, there seems to be no news on what Netflix’s consensus is about the destiny of this show, but shows being revived by the week, there might be an opportunity that Netflix does save the show.

Until then, The Baker and The Beauty remain cancelled, but we will make certain to let you know if anything changes. Hopefully, next time we will come bearing better news about this series.

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