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The Bachelorette 17 – Confirmed Release Date| LGBTQ+ Controversy

Are you a fan of reality Tv shows? Or Your friends have recommended you to watch these unscripted shows lately and you are loving it. Whatever the reason you have to watch these spicy reality shows but they are worth watching, to be honest. There are many popular reality TV shows but you got an eye on The Bachelorette, RIGHT? 

 The Bachelorette is an American Reality Tv show which is one of the most famous reality shows of all time. The popularity of these drama shows can clearly be stated by the number of seasons the show has released till now. The series has so far released 16 seasons which is quite impressive. Learning about all these seasons might fall hard for you but don’t worry because I’ll tell you everything in detail. 

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The Bachelorette – Everything You Need to know!

The Bachelorette is an American reality Tv show which was first released on the famous ABC channel in 2003. The series became an instant hit soon after the release because it is one of a kind at that time. Like think of reality shows in the 2000s, that’s completely unbearable, and allowing a TV show like this was a big task for ABC. It is a Do or Dies situation according to me because reality TV shows were not very common at that time and realizing one is a big task. 

Coming to the show, the show was a hit and a successful experiment for ABC to make. The show started to attract the eyes of viewers because of its bold and unique nature.

The series is actually and adaptation of its original show, The Bachelor.  The Bachelorette completely centralizes the rules of the Bachelor rule book. Till now, there are 16 seasons for the fans and there is continuously talk about season 18. Let’s see the possibilities about season 18 in the next section. 

The Bachelorette Season 17 – Is it going to happen?

The Bachelorette season 17

The 16 seasons of the Bachelorette were released on 5 December 2020 and after the season ended, the public started to wonder if season 17 will be there or not. The covid-19 has already affected the show prior and the covid is still affecting the world. As the production of many movies is shutting down, there is worry among the fans whether season 17 will happen or not. 

Luckily, there is news that season 17 of The Bachelorette is confirmed by ABC. Season 17 of The Bachelorette is finally coming for the audience this year. The show has not been postponed yet. So far season 17 of The Bachelorette is confirmed to air on 7 June 2021. 

The Bachelorette – What is it about?

The Bachelorette about

The reality shows are different in type and they follow the different themes according to their preference. This show centralized the Bachelor as the name already suggests already. It starts with the welcome of the Bachelors at the show and as it is a dating game, every Bachelor got another Bachelor in the show.

The pool of romantic interests starts and on the first day, each person has to choose their one partner by giving them flowers. Whosoever didn’t get the flower left behind the show and had to leave the show at the point. 

There is a huge mansion and everyone has to live on that and play the game in order to win the show. The finale ends with one couple and the show asks whether they will stay together for the rest of their lives or not. 

Till now there are only 4 couples who have been together because of the show and the other couples have either parted away or just said No straightforward. What do you think? Does the show sound fun to you? Tell me in the comment section.

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The Bachelorette – LGBTQ+ Controversy Regarding Offensive Post

Recently there was a controversy started after The Bachelorette reality show’s star Katie Thurston posted an Instagram post with a fellow contestant Casandra Suarez. In the photo, it was seen that Katie was kissing on the neck of Cassandra and it was captioned as “Whatever floats your boat”. 

The captions on the post raised a lot of misunderstandings between the two of them. Things turned worse when Suarez commented on the photo, “So did Katie actually end up with me, yes or no?”

These things started to float on the internet and there was talk about the sexuality of both these. Katie also released a statement by saying that the post was just for fun and it has nothing to do with her Sexuality and all. She also tries to clarify that the post has nothing to do with her gender and sexuality and the same for her friend Cassandra. 

She has commented on the post, “This is simply a friendship post”. He added, “I’ve never spoken publicly about my sexuality nor am I doing so with this picture. Nothing but love for everyone.” 

The fans of The Bachelorette accused the cast by saying, “queerbaiting”. “To my followers: I’ve removed my most recent post after realizing how many people from the LGBTQ+ I hurt. I am so sorry,”

She also added, “I’ve read the comments and better understand why my post was offensive. Will continue to learn from my mistakes. I want to always be an ally and today I’m sorry I let you down.”

What are the ratings of this show?

The ratings of the Bachelorette were not that great. The rotten tomatoes of this show are 62%. The Metacritic of this reality show is 67% and the IMDb rating of the show 3.4/10. 

The critics have recorded the show with the worst ratings at all. The Audience rating summary of this show is just 2.2 and people have said a lot of this about the show. Never mind, the show is still entertaining to most of them.

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Final words

The Bachelorette is a reality Tv show which is basically a dating game show revolving around a group of people. The people are basically bachelors who are searching for their partner or love of life. In the show, the bachelor finds their one or sometimes not but it is always entertaining to watch. Season 17 of The Bachelorette was already scheduled to release on 7 June 2021 and people couldn’t keep calm. Last year, the release date of season 16 was postponed and people were worried if the same would happen this time too. But luckily everything was fine and the release date is officially confirmed. 

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