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The babysitter 3: Will Netflix Renew The Series?

After the Babysitter: Killer queen was released on Netflix, it received mixed reviews by the Fans. However, this doesn’t mean that the series has ended. Fans have been thinking about the possibility of the Babysitter 3 after the sequel was released on the famous OTT platform. 

Horror films have always been a popular genre for fans and there is no doubt that Netflix has some of the crazy films. For the last few years, the platform has been making different horror shows and fans are loving it. Babysitter, being one of the horror films, has received a great response since its first part was up. Thinking of this, the creators renewed the series last year and released the sequel for it. 


Unlike the first part, the second season didn’t meet the expectations of the fans. Even the creators have put a lot of effort that was not at all worth it. But does it mean the end of the dark Horror series? Well, Fans are curious if Netflix would continue to release the sequels of the series after getting critically accompanied by the critics. 

Viewers are wondering if Babysitter 3 will happen in future? And if it does then when? In this article, we’ll be going to talk about this Netflix’s series in detail. If you are someone who shares the same thoughts like me then this article would help you a lot. Here is everything that you need to know about The Babysitter 3 in detail.

The Babysitter: What is it?

The Babysitter is the new Black Horror comedy film that was first released in 2017. Directed by McG and starring Judah Lewis, the movie took its big break on Netflix. The first seasons got immense love by the fans and the creators booked the film for its Season 2. 

The story follows Cole Johnson (Judah Lewis) who is the main lead of the film and trying to prove to the people that he is not diagnosed with any kind of mental illness. After surviving the horror event in the first part of the film, Cole doesn’t have any proof to prove for all his suffering and also that Bee was the part of the incident. 

Moreover, when he finds out that all the other members of the group have been killed, his chances of making the others believe in himself decline. 

The series also acst Alyn Lind who is the female lead of the movie and playing the role of the love interest of Cole. Through the movie series, we find a strong connection between both of them. After the first film was released, fans were curious to know about the future of the cast. We all know that the new cast phoebe and others are causing much confusion and at the same time interest for the viewers. The sequel, The Babysitter: Killer Queen has already returned to the big screen in 2020. 

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The Babysitter 3 Confirmed: Is It Coming or Not?

After the sequel returned to Netflix, fans were primarily excited to watch it. The expectations end after the plot details make the audience sick. Comparing the first part of the series, the second wasn’t that amazing as it lacked many things and some people still loved it. 

The Babysitter: Killer Queen was released in 2020 and fans were excited to hear about the third sequel. There is no official confirmation regarding the Babysitter 3 as Netflix has not yet greenlit the film. 

So far, there are only 2 parts of the horror films and we are anticipating that this would be the final. The second part didn’t give as good a response as the first one. Even the ratings and the viewership decrease significantly. All these things would have been the reason why Netflix hasn’t renewed the show so far. 

On the other hand, Netflix hasn’t revealed the official statement confirming the cancellation of the series. After season 2 ended on a cliffhanger there is another theory that says the OTT platform would bring back the show for its third part. 

The second season was released on 20 September 2020 so it would be fast enough to conclude it. Maybe Netflix is just waiting for the fans to watch the show enough and then to release any statement for the film. We are already keeping an eye on the movie and its updates. If anything happens with the movie, I’ll let you know. 

The Babysitter 3 Release Date: When is it Going to release?

The Babysitter: Killer Queen has just landed on Netflix. The popular horror films have been a popular spot for the fans but after the sequel received mixed reviews, fans are doubting its third part. 

Netflix has not yet released an official release date for the film. Even Babysitter 3 is not yet confirmed. With all the negative reviews of the critics, it is hard to predict the future of the series. 

However, the negative reviews won’t play a vital role in the production of the series. As the Kissing Booth Film is one of the prime examples of it, 

The film has been one of the most critically acclaimed movies of Netflix and that doesn’t stop the viewers from watching it. Over the years, the film released three parts back to back and the viewership remains constant while the ratings decline significantly. 

Concluding this, the ratings aren’t important for the renewal of the show. If the creators want to renew the babysitter 3, it will happen sooner or later. 

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