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The Avengers don’t need a new Iron Man but another Tony Stark.

Avengers: Endgame marked the end of not just a glorious era but the end of many character arcs in MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe). With the end of MCU’s third phase, the superheroes have left their legacies behind and some of them have managed to find their potential successors.

Iron Man

Hawkeye has Leila in training, Captain Marvel will soon have Kamala Khan taking over and the mantle of Captain America has been passed on to Sam Wilson. Moreover, the rest of the characters have enough scope to pick out who gets the next line, which leads us to the most important question, who has the potential to take over the charavcha of our very iconic Iron Man? After Iron Man’s heartbreaking sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame, every Marvel fan is dying to find out, who gets to be the next Iron Man?

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Iron Man

However, the fans were more curious to find out how the actor who played the character of, Robert Downey Jr felt about the speculations of a successor. Thus it appears that it won’t be much of a stretch for Tony Stark to hand over the mantle of Iron Man to the next generation. At the Gene Sirkil Film Centre Gala, he spoke a little about the future of Iron Man somewhat showing his business about how Ironheart would be a great successor to Ironman.

Ironheart is Riri Williams, a character introduced in Marvel Comics’ Invisible Iron man: Ironheart volume 1. She joined the comic verse in 2016. She is a young African American teenager who at the young age of 15 joins the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on scholarship. This is where she crosses path with Tony Stark and gains the right inspiration to build her suit. Moreover, Kevin Feige has on several occasions confirmed that MCU is constantly moving towards inclusivity.

Even though Tony Stark may seem extremely enthusiastic about Riri Williams to be a part of the MCU ‘s phase four, it still does not confirm anything but has gotten the fans excited as they seem to agree with the actor’s choice.

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