The Avatar Sequel’s Production Cost Rounds Upto $1 Billion

Release Date, Cast, Plot, the Storyline after Pandora and other Details

The updates about the sequel of Avatar

The ‘lights’ and ‘camera’ are back in ‘action’ in New Zealand. All the film and TV production on hold is resumed now. This indicates that James Cameron’s sequel of Avatar is now on its track towards completion. As per the reports, the total cost of the production sums up to around a billion-dollar.

Avatar 2 left it’s shooting a few months back due to the pandemic of coronavirus. Now it will pick you the shooting from where it was left. One more Amazon series, ‘The Lord Of Rings’ was also filmed in New Zealand. It will also take up it’s shooting soon. The pandemic has really effected the entertainment industry worldwide.


Avatar 2 - shows off the underwater filming locations

The cameras are allowed to start rolling but health and safety protocols are to be taken care of. New Zealand’s health and safety production protocols are endorsed by the national government. The filming process is resumed for some New Zealand’s TV series and films.

Although, currently the team of Avatar is not in New Zealand the official Twitter handle of Avatar posted a photo of James Cameron on set.

Before the pandemic of coronavirus in January 2020, some images were revealed by the creators. Those images depicted the concept art of the Avatar’s sequel.

Avatar was considered to be a highest-grossing movie in the world. Later, that tag was replaced by Marvel creation Avengers: Endgame. Well James Cameron believes that the sequel ahead of Avatar 2 will most likely dethrone the marvel creation. He thinks that his sequels will reclaim again the throne of the highest-grossing movie.

Release date revelation

There’s a lot to expect from the sequel of Avatar. The movie is on the way to hit the theatres on December 17, 2021. The previous movie had set the bars too high so now it’s compulsory to entertain the fans to the fullest. Well currently, the best we could do is wait and hope for the best to come.