The Alienist season 2: Possibilities will there be another season of The Alienist?

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The Alienist is an American drama series based on the book the alienist written by Caleb Carr. It currently has one season and is distributed by TNT and Netflix. The plot is set in 1896 and involves a person who has conducted a series of disturbing murders in New York City. The newly appointed commissioner Teddy Roosevelt calls upon Dr Laszlo Kreizier criminal psychologist and John Moore, a newspaper illustrator to conduct the investigation and catch this bandit. With each episode in the season during from 40 to 50 minutes, the 10 episode season never fails to keep its fans on the edge of their seat.

This show currently has one season, and it is picked for another season soon. This collaboration of Netflix in TNT for the alienist is well-received and is picked up for the second season.


The Alienist Season 2

The second season of the show has been confirmed on August 16th and will be based on the novel of the original book the angel of darkness. It is also speculated that the show would be re-titled after the completion of the book as it is currently in the making. So far, nothing has been confirmed with regards to the airing date, and the fans will be posted soon as soon as there is news of the dates.

According to the books, Dr Kreizler would be seen with Sara, John Moore and the rest of the team who are looking for a missing child they encounter a mysterious woman who has a scandalous past and is somehow connected to this gang. However, the adaptation of the book is not fit well with the flow of the novel.

The star on the show Daniel Bruhul says that there are issues about the relevance of the show with the book and they realize that halfway through. He also says that the show has relevance to the incidents of real-life and it is happening and sad.

He also said that there is no difference between 1896 New York and the world that we are currently living in the gap between the rich and the poor gender issues immigration crisis and corruption in the police and politics is all real. Fans can only hope the season will be released soon and they get answers to these burning questions.