The air of mystery around the upside down for season 4

The release date for Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 4 is approaching, and with it comes new leaks and spoilers from this Netflix horror drama series.  The teaser advance that confirmed the fourth installment of Stranger Things came out last September and fans have been eagerly awaiting any information about the program since then.
It is revealed that Stranger Things season 4 has not yet found a place in Hawkins, and the group will unravel mysteries in another part of the world and face demons of unknown dimensions.  Here are fan theories about leaked spoilers and critical plot details for the Stranger Things season 4 show which is explained later.


Stranger Things producer, The Duffer Brothers, has shared valuable information about the future. They hinted that nothing had been decided about Stranger Things Season 4, which means that all kinds of possibilities are open.
There can be several twists in the plot, flashbacks, and time travel to change the course of events and advance the story in any direction.  Stranger Things co-producer Ross Duffer said: “We knew about Billy and the Russians at the end of season 2, but we had no idea about the mall and stuff.”  We only know the big broad strokes, and the rest of the four seasons will be evident as we move forward”.


Stranger Things fans believe Hopper is not dead and will be revealed in season 4 that he is alive.  There are several ways to do this, and one of the most popular fan theories states that Sheriff Jim Hopper was taken to Russia and is an ‘American’ prisoner held by local Russians.
Following this theory, it was revealed that Season 4 of Stranger Things is being filmed in Lithuania.  Netflix has not given an official release date for Stranger Things 4 and can be published in late 2020 or early 2021, as filming ends in August this year.