The $ 500 monthly payment is approved for the fourth stimulus. Check Finder and get Steam.


Collected for approval of the 4th Honorable Mention through an online petition. This aroused great interest among Americans awaiting a response from Congress and the Senate. 

Meanwhile, 5,000 low-income families receive $ 500 per month in benefits, and checks have proven effective in reducing poverty. Food, medicine, and rent are what money can buy. This improved the recipient’s well-being by reducing anxiety and depression. Reduce unemployment with direct financial assistance.


Denver restaurant owner Stephanie Bonin launched the most popular online petition to date, garnering 2,953,018 signatures from her 3 million goals.

 To help Americans amid a pandemic, Bonin offers a regular check for $ 2,000 during the pandemic. Several petitions, including Bonin’s petition, have been sent to Yahoo! Jae Won. 

Collectively, more than 4 million Americans are awaiting approval for the fourth stimulus package. However, Congress and the White House did not respond to the petition.

Chicago’s new basic income program (the largest in the country) has been approved by the Chicago City Council. The program pays $ 500 a month to 5,000 low-income families for one year. 

In an interview with Insider, Chicago Mayor Laurie Lightfoot said, “As a child, I knew what it was like to see live. Any income will help you when you need it. ” This pilot program is designed to help vulnerable families cope with the impact of this pandemic.

As a result of the epidemic, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost in Chicago. 18% of the population lives below the poverty line. Applicants for this program must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the new core program. Requirements:

Residents of Chicago: (a) attend a public school or community college in Chicago, or (b) have not reached the minimum age to attend a public school in Chicago; Those particularly affected financially by COVID-19: Income must be less than 300% of federal poverty standards and less than $ 35,000 per year. 

He has not been appointed or elected by the City of Chicago or Illinois. Residents who meet these requirements are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.