The 100 years 7 Realise Date , Trailer , Cast , Plot & About


It is official, season six of all The 100 has occurred.

We have returned to the grubby world inhabited by Ark inhabitants.


They’re since it’s broadcast on The CW, mostly attractive folks in their 20s, making sense.

It was CW manager Mark Pedowitz we found out that the executive producer Jason Rothenberg had thoughts for season six and per year seven, way back in January of last year.

“I understand [Jason] includes a strategy beyond year five,” he advised Nerdist, though confessed, “it is too soon to have that conversation”.

Pedowitz included: “He could have a six or more seven-year strategy to it. I don’t know whether I am allowed to say that, he has a strategy beyond year five, but he does.”

Rothenberg stated previously that his strategies conducted until year, though (of course ) has since confessed that will go past this.

“When I started a year or two back, I had this thought for the way I wanted the series to finish,” he explained last year. “However, it was scalable and the ending could have been at the end of year three, it might be at the end of year five, it might be at the end of year eight.

“Those choices aren’t mine. I don’t feel this is. However, I adore this planet and these characters.

“We tell another story every year so that we do not get bored with that. I have a finished story in your mind, but I don’t know when that conclusion will be and that I feel very, very confident that I will get to let it ”

The season was formally verified in August and revealed to be the show’s last. What will we be brought by seven? We have caught a bunch of supplies to go into the forests of speculation.

For the time being, what follows is largely guesswork, however, you may be certain that we will be keeping a close watch out for all the latest news, scoops and rumors, so we can stick every reality within this feature when it comes in. Keep us is what we’re saying.

The 100 year 7-atmosphere date

Our year six air-date prediction turned out to be right, therefore we were likely to say the same again, for now, seven — which it would broadcast in the spring.

But since they just started filming in August, we are revising that into a bit later in the year. Got to give them the time to look at some magnificent special post effects…

The 100 years 7 throw

Cast members will include Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake, Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake, Christopher Larkin as Monty Green and Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes. Henry Ian Cusick won’t return as Marcus Kane after the sad passing of his character.

Shannon Kook was cast as a guest star in the season five finale and also became a complete member in year six, so she will be back also.

Shelby Flannery, who joined the cast after year as grown-up Hope will go back also: “She is amazing,” Jason Rothenberg informed TVLine.

“I am fairly certain we had been her first job. So she is brand new, she is just out of drama school, and I am eager to find out what she can perform. That scene was only the tip of this iceberg.”

Guest stars will include Adina Porter (Indra), Jarod Joseph (Nathan Miller), Luisa d’Oliveira (Emori), Sachin Sahel (Eric Jackson), Tati Gabrielle (Gaia), Jessica Harmon (Niylah) Lola Flanery (Madi Griffin), JR Bourne (Russell Lightbourne VII), Chuku Modu (Gabriel Santiago) and Ivana Milicevic (Charmaine Diyoza).

The 100 years 7 storyline

The 100 may be predicated on Kass Morgan’s string of postsecondary Young Adult books, but it is added so much to the mythology at this stage it may also be the first series.

Rothenberg affirmed to TVLine that year seven will revolve around The Anomaly — because you would expect given the grownup Hope twist.

“That show is mind-boggling,” Rothenberg said. “The simple fact that Hope is now in her early twenties when three days past she had been a fetus, does start to suggest a few matters concerning the Anomaly and roughly where we are moving.”

The 100 years 7 trailer

We would say March 2020.

Have a look at the sweet trailer for the season over until it arrives. We are going to replace it using the trailer that is season-seven next calendar year as it lands.