The 100: Things Bellamy Blake Has Done Best and Worst


The 100 is an American post Apocalyptic science drama series, which first aired on March 19, 2014. This show aired on the CW, which also airs popular shows like Riverdale. The show is based on the novel series by Kass Morgan and has six seasons with 84 episodes in total, which airs for 39-42 minutes. The show is set in Vancouver and stars Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Thomas McDonell, Bob Morley.

This show revolves around a group of post Apocalyptic survivors primarily consisting of a group of Criminal adolescents, which includes Bellamy Blake, who’s the area of focus for this article. When the series debuted in 2014, Bellamy Blake was portrayed to be a rebel King, who watched his enemies bite the dust. Unfortunately, Charlotte’s suicide Bellamy realizes that there is a necessity of rules and regulations. Though his character change, he has managed to make a lot of mistakes and a lot of good choices as well. Here’s the overall of it:


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Good things: 

  1. Agreed to co-lead with Clarke: things did not look good for the original Delhi crayons for the first few days on the ground between toxic air radiated food and potential threats. After Charlotte killed herself, the clerk gets the truth to me, and they agree to co-lead the delinquents.
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       2. Asked for peace: after Bellamy and his comrades return to earth, they did not expect in an unusual surprise,                 which was Octavia ruling over those who survived and Clarke who survived along with Madi. Octavia and                       Diyoza were fighting each other Bellamy try to convince Madi not to kill the deuces crew who had already                       surrendered and understood the conditions of the people on earth.

      3. Forgiveness: the concept of forgiveness has been relevant ever since the story had begun, and on various                        occasions, Bellamy has faced conflicts with Clarke, Octavia, and Murphy. Therefore we find a way to forgive                 and move on and showing how much complexity he has. 

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Bad things: 


  1. Joined Pike’s squad: Gale Me start spiralling as he loses his friend and girlfriend and is unsure about figuring things out. Pike, who is one of the antagonists in the series uses this as an advantage and gets bellamy to join his squad. It takes a lot of effort from Octavia and Clarke to snap out of his misery.
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       2. Gave Madi the flame: when Clarke and bellamy reunite they have switched roles which means clerk now acts                with her heart while bellamy makes decisions with his head. Hence he decides to put the flame in my head                    which angles clock that it will hurt Madi. Allowing a child to have authority over a dangerous check                                   technology is not ideal. 

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