The 100 stars Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley Open Up About Secret Wedding


Last month, The 100 co-stars Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley shook their fans into the center. They decided to keep mum about it, making everybody excited at once if that is not all. But at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, the newlyweds revealed than what we know.

What they said:

While throughout the interview in Comic-Con, the scoop was more about Season 6 of The 100, but the extra dished out information about their relationship was the only cherry to the top. Taylor revealed they like to keep their personal lives private, and it could not be more visible. No one guessed the co-stars dated until their surprise marriage announcement.


One moment was when Taylor added that they loved their marriage went on. Morley said. He explained: “We value our privacy. Personal life is called that because it should be personal.” And while that’s sweet, some folks had questions about their onscreen characters too comparing them to ones that are real.  

To that, Morley said that Bellamy and Clarke are completely different in Taylor and him. And that there could be no correlation between truth and fiction.  

The difference is that we understand where Bellamy and Clarke stand but have no access to the life of reality. And this announcement seemed coherent and conclusive.

On June 7, Taylor tweeted about her sudden marriage and asked her followers to respect their privacy.

Morley endorsed her: “It’s with such a full heart that I’m calling @MisElizaJane my partner. This is something which both people cherish profoundly, and that is beyond joy.”

Either way, year 6 is rolling on fire, and also the constant new advancements are currently making us need more of Clarke and Bellamy.