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The 100 Season 8: Here Is Everything That you Need To Know!

Netflix’s post-apocalyptic science fiction dramas are already getting popular as time passes by. There is already a different fanbase for these kinds of shows and Netflix already has many people who love watching these kinds of shows. The 100 is one of those psychopathic dramas that have made fans hooked up with the storyline. 

Recently, the series has finished its season 7 and fans have been loving what they have watched so far. Created under the production of CW, The 100 was one of the most viewed CW series of all time. The massive popularity of this series was something that encouraged the creators to extend its seasons to eight seasons. Season 7 of The 100 is one of the most viewed seasons of the series and even male the series to fall under fourth place on the Streamer’s Top 10 Series chart. 

With season 7 of the series ended, fans have been wondering if the creators would continue to release the series for the upcoming season. The first season of the 100 was released in 2014 and it became a popular Cw’s show at the time. Recently, Netflix has taken the rights to stream the show on their platform and it further helps the show to reach multiple viewers. 

Now the big question is, whether there will be The 100 Season 8 or not? Will the creators release more seasons of The 100? Will CW let their one of the most popular series like this? If you are someone who wants to know about all this then this article would help you. 

The 100: Know Everything About it!

The 100 is an American fictional drama show that was initially released in 2014. After the series first released its season, fans genuinely loved the overall plot of the movie. With the popular cast that makes the show more amazing and the post-apocalyptic time period, the series fits best for the people. 

Based on the popular novel series that shares the same name by Kass Morgan, Jason decided to broadcast it. The series was put forward and Jess Rothenberg took the opportunity to remake the series for the audience. 

After the show was released, it became one of the most viewed CW programs at the time. The immense popularity of the show makes the creators renew the series back to back. 

Recently, the series finished airing it’s Season 7. Season 7 includes 16 episodes and the last season became one of the most viewed out of the others. 

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The 100 Season 8: Who will be Returning Back in the Series?

The 100 season 7 ending was something that can’t be predicted. If you have watched the series then you would know that it would be hard to conclude about the future of the series. While we will be discussing that in the later section, let’s take a look at the cast. 

The fans are already expecting the 100 to be returned back for season 8 because no one wants the show to end. Even the show got nothing negative so this concludes that the series doesn’t have low chances to be canceled. 

Eliza Taylor stars as the main protagonist of the series and is playing the role of Clarke Griffin. The fans adore the stars and her character in the show. If there would be another season she would be the first person to return back. Ebern the stars have shown interest in the series upcoming season, so there is never a no from her. In the next few lines, we’ll take a close look at the cast of the series. 

The 100 Season 8: Is there any Upcoming Season for the fans?

In an interview, the creators said that “[The series will] be much more tethered to [our] reality. These people lived through the problems of our world, and they’ll have opinions on them. I’d like to do Lost-style flashback episodes to pre-apocalypse times. I really want to shoot in restaurants, bars, and homes, and not have to be in the middle of the woods all the time.”

Recently, Deadline reported that the creators of the series have certain plans for the show. Jason Rothenberg, who is the creator of the show, was relieved that they have created the 100 as a 7 season show. His statement reads, 

“Once it started to feel like it was in it for the long run, we didn’t feel too confident about that ending until roughly the end of season five.

“That is around the time where we made a pitch to the studio network to let us write to an ending, like can we end the show at the end of season seven. At which point, we really did begin to formulate our end game.”

In an interview, the creator reported that the series would be the last and season 7 would be the finale. It is now officially confirmed that the 100 seasons 8 would be canceled and there will be no upcoming season. 

The 100 Season 8 Release Date: When it is Going to Release?

The release date of season 8 of the 100 is not yet set. The first season of the series was released in 2014. Season 7 of the 100 would be the last season of the series. The officials have confirmed the news by the end of the finale episode of the 100. In an official statement, it was revealed that the series would not continue to move forward. 

The fans were disheartened with the news and the demand for the series circulated throughout the internet. Even the campaign and tweets were pulled in order to make another season of the series. 

However, there is no official statement that would inform us about the renewal of the series. If you are someone who still believes that the 100 would be there for season 8 then I think you should rethink this. 

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Is there any official trailer to watch?

The 100 season 7 was the last and the final season of the series. Netflix has officially canceled the series and lets us together assume that the series would be not coming from now on. If you are someone who hasn’t watched season 7 of the 100 and looking for the official trailer then here it is. Watch the 100 seasons 7 and find out what happens with the series. 

What do you think regarding this article? Share your views in the comment section and let us know what you like to watch the most in your free time. 

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