The 100 Season 8 Here Is The Every Detail Fans Should Know


The 100 is probably one of the prominent teen theaters on TV at the instant. The exhibit is nowadays in its seventh season and is already earning titles for the story. As of now, the enthusiasts are marveling about the fate of the exhibit. Here is almost everything we understand about the eighth season of The 100 till now.

About The 100

The 100 is a dystopian teenage theater that is roughly founded on the written series of a similar title by Kass Morgan. Jason Rothenberg develops the exhibit for the CW Television Network. The first season of the presentation broadcasted in the year 2014 and earned applause for its summary and visual impacts.


The 100 Season 8 Here Is The Every Detail Fans Should Know

The exhibit puts up with a place in a society devastated by a nuclear invasion where the withstanding humans inhabit in the area on a ship named Ark. Ninety-seven years after, 100 juvenile criminals are delivered back to Earth to watch if it can be habited furthermore or not. The exhibit pursues the voyage of these 100 teenagers and their battle for existence.

The Eighth Season of The 100?

 As formerly spoke of the seventh season of the exhibit, which broadcasted in May 2020, it is presently operating on television. When the season was declared openly in April 2019, it was rendered explicit that the seventh season will reflect the edge of the sequel. So yes, admittedly, The 100 would not be recovering for another season.

The exhibit’s founder Rothenberg declared openly that they are laboring on a prequel to the event. The title for the same has not been announced yet. The commander for the real sequel will be occurring in the seventh season of the game. The episode will be named ‘Anaconda.’ There have been no declarations about the release duration of the prequel as of now.

Cast Of The Show 

  • Lola Evans acting as Callie
  • Adain Bradley acting as Reese
  • Leo Howard acting as August.

In my opinion, we can let out that we might not be watching Clarke and pals on screen ever again, but the prequel will surely be worth the wait!


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