The 100 Season 7: Why Bellamy and Clarke are Each Other’s Happy Ending


With The 100 finding some conclusion after it’s the seventh season, it’s an ideal opportunity to address what these characters have been moving in the direction of as far back as The 100 Season 1 Episode 1. A cheerful completion. Given that the 100 has never been an inspiring show, it’s conceivable that the essayists will decide to end the arrangement on a grave note. Numerous journalists feel that killing off their fundamental characters is a stunning approach out, yet everything it does is make the crowd feel as though they’ve burnt through their time.

We comprehend that it’s about the adventure, but at the same time, it’s about the goal. The explanation the crowd is put resources into the voyage, in any case, is because they need the characters to wind up in a particular spot. Which carries us to Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin. Clarke and Bellamy have the most profound association out of those on the show as well as of anybody on TV. What’s more, truly, that might be a striking articulation, however, it’s a genuine one.


Bellamy and Clarke

Ships aside envision the sort of complete joy they could discover with one another. Following quite a while of hardship, envision being everything two individuals could be with somebody who comprehends you down to your very center. Bellamy and Clarke don’t just have comparable hardships, however, they’ve both been looked with similar options on numerous events. They were at one another’s side every time one of them questioned themselves, and there is nothing they can’t excuse each other for.

Bellamy and Clarke have no insider facts. They’ve seen the darkest pieces of one another’s spirit with their own eyes and haven’t stepped back. They’re each other’s individual and two parts of an entirety. They would have the option to give up totally, realizing that they have somebody who cherishes and acknowledges all aspects of them.
The entirety of the blame Clarke feels, Bellamy feels also. “Together” is their “consistently” which is as it should be.

Bellamy and Clarke

How would you be able to not need a sentimental accomplice who realizes you down to your very center? Regardless of who Bellamy and Clarke are with, they will consistently be the main ones who can contact the most profound pieces of one another’s hearts. Even though they’ve both cherished others all through the shows’ run, the sort of adoration and comprehension Bellamy and Clarke have is something that a great many people would do anything for.

All things considered, the whole plot of The 100 can become down to the characters scan for a home. In any case, as the seasons advanced, Bellamy and Clarke started to understand that house was any place they were as one. In what manner can both of these characters completely offer themselves to someone else, while they long to be with one another regardless of anything else?

If you need to contend that Bellamy and Clarke long for one another in a “non-romantic” way, well that is not valid, however, it doesn’t detract from the point. The fact is that their adoration advantages will never be their individual as long as Bellamy and Clarke exist in a similar universe. Don’t every one of the characters included merit superior to that? On the subject of Bellamy and Clarke’s enthusiastic adventure, it’s striking of The 100 journalists to accept that they can change the importance of sentiment tropes that have been built up for a considerable length of time.

While a little research can back up the crazy measure of sentimental connotations in Bellarke’s relationship, it shouldn’t take a lot of burrowing to understand that Clarke gazing longingly at Bellamy and Echo on a few events suggests marginally more than companionship. The most confounding thing about everything is that the journalists have decided to verbalize their sentiments by having different characters remark on them.

If Bellamy and Clarke don’t wind up together, watchers won’t be furious essentially because a relationship they love didn’t happen as intended. They’ll be furious that the show deliberately and purposely put a story onscreen that they didn’t plan to finish.

On the off chance that a show is being “confounded” by watchers for a considerable length of time, there comes a point where the watchers aren’t the issue. It’s the essayists’ business to figure out how to pass on their message onscreen, and if they commit an error and pass on an inappropriate one, it’s a great opportunity to possess ready and move with the punches.

All things considered, think about this as an official request to finish the story The 100 wound up telling, regardless of whether it’s not quite the same as the one that was initially envisioned. We’ve arrived at a point where Bellamy and Clarke are the most notable individuals in one another’s lives. There’s no all the more denying how unequivocally they feel for one another.

Give Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake bliss by enabling them to discover their perfect partner in what is now a profound and genuine love. Isn’t discovering affection and satisfaction what the arrangement has consistently been about at its center?

Try not to make these two extraordinary characters settle for anything short of what they merit.