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The 100 Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Much More




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The show has a very interesting idea. It’s set for 97 years. The show is fascinating to audiences who keep considering the most recent developments in AI and spacecraft.

A spaceship that houses the lands sends back 100 juveniles. The objective is to repopulate the planet and begin a life that is human once again. To put it differently, we could find the rebirth of humankind!

When Will Season 7 Come To TV?

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CW has verified that there will be a season of this series. But at the moment, they haven’t affirmed the date of release. We are currently imagining it to be somewhere in the center of 2020.

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The trailer for the show has not been released yet but we are excited to have a peek!

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Who Will We See On The Show?

Eliza Taylor will play the role of the character Clarke Griffin. Octavia Blake will be played by Marie Avgeropoulos. Bob Marley will take over Bellamy Blake.

Lindsey Morgan will be enjoying Raven Reyes. Richard Harmon will play John Murphy. Henry Ian Cusick is the director of the show and Jason Rothenberg is your manufacturer.

What Will Be The Plot Of The Coming Season?

Bellamy will try to understand the events which happened behind them with the reason and her sister. We’re super curious. She seems to be dead but of what could happen, the chances are endless!

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This year is going to have three more episodes in comparison to the previous seasons. The rumors imply that this might be the series’ season.

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Are you thrilled to tease the upcoming series? Let’s know what twists and turns the series is going to take in your opinion in the comment section below.

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