The 100 Season 7: Release Date, Cast Conformed? And Everything You Need To Know


The 100 is a post-apocalyptic science fiction movie television show whose first series premiered in 2014 on The CW. The series is all about a group of 100 people that are shipped from a space habitat, chiefly comprising criminal adolescents, to the postwar ground to discover not or whether it’s habitable.

The season finished with a couple of cliff hangers and a lot of queries to be answered in much awaited season 7.


After a year for a seventh season comprising 16 episodes, the series had been renewed Back in April 2019. It was that the upcoming season are the last in series.

Release Date:

The 6th year in the show was aired in spring that some might think is the case with season 7. Looking at the fact that filming started only in August and is intended to be wrapped up until march 19 2020, we have got to devote time to design several effects shifting the release date.

Seeing the past trend of release dates, our very best guess would be about midseason that is the beginning of May or the end of April.


However, there’s no substantial shift in the cast but necessarily there’ll some cut shorts along with a couple of new faces in the show is going to be seen. By conducting contract Even though there’s not an official statement of this cast, we could speculate the throw.

Eliza Taylor- Clarke Griffin

Bob Morley- Bellamy Blake

Marie Avgeropoulos- Octavia Blake

Lindsey Morgan- Raven Reyes

Richard Harmon- John Murphy

Tasya Teles- Echo

Shannon Kook- Jordan Green

Shelby Flannery- Hope Diyoza

Chuku Modu- Dr Gabriel Santiago

Lee Majdoub- Nelson

Alaina Huffman- Nikki

Max Montesi- Lindo the Defector

Britt Irvin- Alyssa

Cassandra Ebner- Klara

Chad Rook- Hatch

Shaw Madson- Unit Monitor

Josh Blacker- Captain Meredith

Chris Bradford- Luca’s Father

Darren Moore- Oliver

Amber Taylor- Young Hope

M.J. Kehler- Forager

Nicholas Dohy- Believer/ True Believer

As it would be the last season, we can anticipate some twists and turns out to be untwisted and unturned and giving finish.