The 100 Season 7: Reasons why Bellamy and Clarke are meant to be together


Bellamy and Clarke have the connection to the most profound profundities of The 100 since season.

Bellamy and Clarke share comparative troubles, yet they have both been gone up against a few times with a similar decision.


They were one next to the other each time that one of them was questioning himself/herself and there is nothing for which they can’t pardon one another.

Bellamy and Clarke have no mystery within themselves. They have seen the darkest pieces of the spirit of the other, in their very own eyes, and have stayed United all through The 100! All the blame that feels like Clarke, Bellamy feels it too.

Regardless of which Bellamy and Clarke are, they will consistently be the main ones to have the option to contact the most profound pieces of the core of the other.

Fans dream just of one thing at the finish of this 7th season of The 100 magnificence, to see both as a couple.

The amazing connection between Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor is very evident. Fun fact: the two entertainers are hitched in real life, which only adds to more chemistry and ideas.

The whole plot of The 100 can be abridged to the characters looking for a place to call their home.

Be that as it may, over the seasons Bellamy and Clarke began to understand that home was any place they were as one.

Regardless, if Bellamy and Clarke don’t consider themselves to be a couple, fans won’t be irritated because a relationship they Adora was not effective.

They will be furious that the arrangement has purposely put on the screen a story that they didn’t mean to seek after.

At that point, we reserve the option to a glad consummation for the couple Bellarke.

However, it remains a puzzle. Look at the confidences of the showrunner on the finish of the 7th season of The 100 to know more.