The 100: 5 Characters We’ll Miss When The Show Ends (And 4 Who We Won’t)


The 100 is going to wrap up in 2020 on the CW Network. The series is loaded up with complex characters, some everyone will miss and some not so much. Not every character on The 100 is adored in the same way or amount. While some become brisk victories or fan top picks, others struggle until their job is off the show or the series closes. As the arrangement concludes, characters both alive and dead will be remembered fondly, while some won’t be.

Abby Griff: won’t


Abby Griff

Abby was frequently an individual that characters and fans couldn’t help contradicting. Clashing with Clarke for authority was just the beginning of how Abby would have a risky impact.

Monty Green: Miss

Monty Green

Monty grew a ton from when he initially arrived on Earth. As things deteriorated, Monty stayed a relentless good compass and a dedicated partner.

Echo: won’t


Echo’s adventure of an adversary to partner, and later companion, is a pertinent one. His story doesn’t feel as complete as that of others.

Raven Reyes: Miss

Raven Reyes

Raven pursues Monty as one of the focal good compasses for the entire group. Even though Raven has had her snapshots of professing to be less required than she was, Raven was regularly a noteworthy piece of making all the difference.

Finn Collins: Won’t

Finn Collins

Finn’s life finished as a sacrifice to spare the remainder of the delinquents. Even though he was a significant piece of Clarke and Raven’s lives, very few will miss him.

Octavia Blake: Miss

Octavia Blake

Fans had not been content with Octavia for a little while. Fortunately, things have been changing in support of her.

The Flame: Won’t

The Flame

The Flame holds the awareness of years worth of Commanders inside it. The Flame was a lifestyle for the Grounders, something they had set their confidence in but Flame wasn’t worth the trouble it came with.

Bellamy: Miss


Bellamy’s activity as co-pioneer is a troublesome one to prevail at. His drive to protect his people is what has makes everyone love him.

Clarke Griffith: miss

Clarke Griffin

There is no show without Clarke Griffin. Each season, she is set under the magnifying instrument as the individual to settle on a definitive choice.