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The 10 best Netflix series of 2019: Year Ended

We are just a few weeks away from a New Year’s morning on Netflix, but we can’t dive into our January debut without taking a first look at everything coming in 2019. From the triumphant return of Orange to the first film of New Black, Mindhunter, and Glow to Living, Russian Dolls, and When They See Us, Netflix gave us lots of love this year.

1. When They See Us

The most culturally important project Netflix released this year, Ava DuVernay’s When See Us, detailed the case for the Central Park Five. The 1989 investigation into the wrongful conviction of five black and Latina men for the rape of a woman – after which they would be deported after more than a decade – is a shocking, genuine crime minister surprised by the flaws of our justice system.

2. Russian Doll

Russian Doll

It would be easy to tell you that the Russian Doll is just “Dark Groundhog Day” and leave it at that. But as wild as this pitch may sound, it also underscores the excellence of this Netflix original. This time the story of Pash starring Natasha Leone does not easily compare to anything else. The Bill Murray Classic is an easy standard, but in fact, each Russian doll episode has an unbearable cycle compared to death and rebirth.

3. Living with Yourself

Living with Yourself

The Paul Rudd vehicle that took Netflix’s downfall by storm is living with itself, unlike any sci-fi series you’ve seen. Yes, you can compare the cloning plot to Black Mirror or Orphan Black, and producer Timothy Greenberg is not breaking new ground on the front of existentialism; Nevertheless, the ruby cube that shines in this short comedy-drama deserves our praise and attention.



Those women are wrestling! The third season of GLOW’s Dazzle gave us a boatload of what we love about the series: whip-smart comedic timing, devastating dramatic turns, enough screen for stars Betty Gilpin and Alison Brie, rich women-centric, brilliant women Costumes. A whole bunch – hell costumes, we also have a wrestling-themed Christmas special and Gina Davis guest spot! GLOW proved its staying power with every minute of its third touch

5. Mindhunter


Adopting true crime for TV is a slippery business. In Mindhunter season 2, producer Joe Penhall shows us how it’s done. Troubled by the FBI behavioral science unit’s narrative relevance, Mindhunter uses its magnetic cast of bridges – including stars Jonathan Groff, Holt McCulley, and Analev – to show new light, in keeping with the real story of the murders of Atlanta’s children. For, shocking miscarriage. Of justice in American history

6. Tuka and Bertie

Tuka and Bertie

Tuka and Bertie was the Spring Fling we never deserved. In May, cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt gifted customers with an amazing world of two best bird friends (voiced by Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong) battling adulthood in the big bird down. Along with boyfriend Speckle (Steven Yeun), Bertie faces her concerns and trauma as Tuka accepts accountability and identity. It was a moving, inclusive, sex-positive delight that championed the female stories and Hanvault’s unique voice and style.


7. Patriotic Act with Hassan Minhaj

Patriotic Act with Hassan Minhaj

Netflix may be known for popularizing binge, but one of the streaming service’s best original efforts has been parceled into weekly help. The patriotic act with Hassan Minhaj is designed to make you angry. Kind of angry. Each episode explores one of the many ills of our ailing society, filling you with information and generating you with tools to channel your righteous anger in productive directions.

8. Politician


The politician is when Netflix gives Ryan Murphy all the money in the world and tells him that he likes what he likes. That is to say, this bonkers good TV. The politician’s unpredictable, candy-colored world of high ambition, low sympathy, and sometimes musical numbers feel like a sideways glance in another dimension, one where both Ben Platt and Gwyneth Paltrow shone in the roles they play. Were born for The show’s off-kilter beats and bizarre twists come at a breakneck pace, making it heavy and consistently entertaining.

9. Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black

Orange, the New Black, ended its victorious six-year term this summer, making it one of Netflix’s most famous disastrous hopes in the world. While it was clear that the women of Leachfield wouldn’t get a “happy ending,” producer Jinji Cohan used the final episode of the series to do the next best thing – Home OITNB’s central message of hope and change. Struggling with anti-immigrant bias and the #MeToo movement in its final hours, OITNB has lived up to its ever-evolving relevance by bidding for the show to surprise women.

10. Big Mouth

Big Mouth

Season 3 of Big Mouth first allowed its characters to start on a level playing field, and the show was much better for it. While the first two seasons found tension and humor in their characters and wondered when and how the title song’s Genghis would come for them, season 3 starts with everyone’s hormone monsters and monasteries being audited and only one In fully-fledged middle school one can see havoc on growing adolescence.

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