Terra Nova 2 – Release Date: Leaks on Cancellation & Confirmation!

updated on 31-01-2022

Sometimes the shows do great in the block office but the creators still choose to not release more seasons or parts of their show. You can see this in the famous blockbuster movie. World war Z, where the show makers himself promised to release the sequel but later canceled it. Something similar happens with Terra Nova Series too.


Despite getting great feedback and appreciation from the audience and the critics, the show canceled season 2. The popular Sci-fi series was announced in 2011 and the fans were hoping to see something new with all the attractive graphics. 

The series dictates the story of the future earth where it is slowly dying because of environmental degradation and pollution. The humans were the main reason behind all the disaster and their greed is slowly making the earth sick. 

2010’s people will definitely think of this movie as fictional and more of a way of entertainment but recently more audiences are attracted towards this movie. Twitter is filled with tweets lately about the movie and how it is the true reality for today’s world. 

After the show started to gain more attention from the audience, several things that shoemakers might have to renew the series now. 

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Terra Nova 2 – Is it Going to Happen?

Terra Nova 2

The first season of this series was officially released on 6 March 2011. This is an American Science fiction drama that revolves around the Shannon family which shows life through their perspective. Well, Talking more about the show, it shows everything that will happen in the 2022 century after the humans destroyed it with the pollution. 

As the show ended in the same year, many people appreciated the theme and the storyline of this show. Now, it’s been over 10 years since the fans last heard anything regarding this show. Fans are looking to see if the cliffhanger will ever be resolved by the creators or not. 

Sadly, the series has been officially canceled by the executive so there are no chances for it to happen. The shoemakers are not that excited to make another part of this series.

Terra Nova 2 – Why did the Series get Cancelled?

Terra Nova 2

Many fans are wondering about the cancellation. The series was all doing great and has already received great feedback both from the audience and the critics. Even though the show earned quite a good profit, then what exactly happens? Why did the creators leave the show midway? 

It is legitimate to have these questions for the fans of Terra Nova and if you are also wanting to know the real reason behind the cancellation then I’ll let you know here. 

The main and foremost reason behind this canceled series is the BUDGET. As the show consists of great graphics, the dinosaurs and the animation cost more than the actual profit of the show. 

In a report, it was shown that the first part cost $10 Million dollars on the film. Not only this but the filmmakers have done over-the-line promotions and various campaigns and all these things just add extra money for the cost. 

Now if there will be season 2, that means the creators have to double the production and cost rates because the market and things aren’t the same as it was a decade ago. 

During the season 1 finale, Fox said that they haven’t made a decision on Terra Nova season 2. Bad news: Fox had already been complaining about the show’s cost and how difficult it was to film in Australia, so this was a bad sign and this information was provided by screenrant.

Why was Terra Nova removed from Netflix?

In 2019, Disney acquired the shares in Century Fox, making all the movies that have ever been produced in their studio under their name. As Torra Nova was one of them, it eventually got removed from Netflix. 

Previously the Online streaming platform, Netflix has been priming the series under their company’s name but now Disney has all the legal rights. This is the main reason why the show got removed from Netflix. 

If you are someone who wants to watch the show then it is available on Disney+. You can watch it there through the subscription only. 

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Terra Nova 2 – Are There Any Chances for the Movie to Renew?

Terra Nova 2 updates

As the show ended on a cliffhanger, making the audience curious about season 2. Every Terra Nora fan is still wondering, “what happens after that?”. Well, the reason why the show was canceled was because of the budget. But that doesn’t mean that the story isn’t ready. If the show makers have already a script for the upcoming season then there are possibilities that the series might release another season. 

It will simply happen if the creator sees the show to some bigger production house or some big companies might get ready to invest in the show.

Moreover, Disney has recently taken the show from Netflix and as the company is already well known for investing in the Cancelled series, fans might get lucky. 

Currently, there is no official statement by Disney and the show producers. This is just a prediction by the audience and us.

Final words

Terra Nora is officially canceled by the creators because of the high budget. The creators have decided to cancel the show because the cost of production is more than the actual production. As the show had already ended on a cliffhanger. The audience was eager to know about the future earth, there is nothing going to happen. It is now concluded that the series will be ended until and unless someone will take over to direct another season. Well, that sounds like a fairytale story. 

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