Teen Wolf Confirmed Season 7 Updates | Release Date and More

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Supernatural shows have been a thing for a long time. There are reasons why we have so many great movies, Tv shows, and web series based on it. Series like Vampire Diaries, Lucifer, Game of Thrones, and stranger things are being on the Top list of Netflix. One of the popular supernatural shows is Teen wolf, an MTV popular Tv show which has been running since 2011. 

The fans have been loving this series since its release and the ratings and viewership are enough to tell the popularity of this show. The series has successfully released 6 seasons so far and now the fans are dying to see the seventh season. The sixth season ends with a not-so-satisfying ending for the audience. Now, the creators are really thinking about the seventh season?? To know about the renewal status of the show, you have to read this article. 

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Teen wolf – A Perfect Series!

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A popular MTV series, the teen wolf was based on a 1985 movie that shares the same name. Released in 2011, the series is the work of Jeff Davis’s direction. When the series was firstly announced, it created a hype that is still running but is kinda dim. The whole werewolf feels amazing and the audience loves this. 

The show cast Tyler Posey as the main protagonist of this show. He played the character of Scott McCall and he is a werewolf who got interested in the fictional city of Beacon hills because that area is full of mysteries that needed to unfold. Other than him, the show also features other characters like Allison Argents, Stiles Stillinkies, Derek Hale, and many more. 

Initially, the show received well appreciation from the viewers but after season 6, the audience started hoping to see another. The seventh season is on the waiting list since the release of the sixth season. 

Will there be season 7 of Teen wolfs?

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The sixth season was announced and released its episodes on 15 November 2016. It consists of 20 episodes in total and the season lasts for 24 September 2017. Prior to the release of the sixth installment, there were actually plans that there will be a seventh season of Teen wolfs and it was also rumored around the media. 

But soon, everything gets settled when the official statement releases which clearly says that season 6 will be the last. The audience was expecting more from the creators and the loyal fans took over the internet to show their outrage. 

The anger was also because the show couldn’t be able to meet the satisfying ending for the audience and it was not as per their expectations. Nevertheless, the show has now ended after releasing 6 seasons back to back.

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Why Teen Wolf Cancelled Season 7?

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Teen Wolf has been canceled shortly after the release of season 6. It was not their initial plan because if it were, there were already announcements before the release of season 6. During the priming of season 6, the audience was hoping to see more stories. If you are a fan of Teen Wolf and have seen the last season then you would know how the craters have failed to maintain one storyline. Instead of sticking to the main plot, they have divided it equally into two halves. 

The Unusual Storyline 

The first half stated that characters that involve Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, and Malia Tate, and the other wolves are returned back to their fictional high school to complete their final year semester studies. The beacon hills go back to the normal lives where students are studying and chilling.

Now, coming to the second half, everyone in the story parted away and  The second half of Teen Wolf season 6 showed them off to their respective new lives as everyone separated doing their own thing that’s until they’re called back to Beacon Hills when a new villain arises.

Low Ratings and Viewership of Teen Wolf

It is later predicted that the ratings of this show gradually decrease and it leads to the cancellation of the seventh season. 

But this can’t be it, right? The ratings are not that important if the fans are more. The viewership of this show also decreases significantly. The gap between the first season’s views to the last season’s views is quite big and the audience was also losing interest. Not only this, The last season was only able to make half of the million views, which is even the worse. 

As the public was losing interest, the creators decided to cancel the further process.

MTV’s started to shift their interest 

Teen wolf is the show in 2011 and after it became a hit, MTV started to look for this show more. As the viewership decreased, MTV also started to lose interest in this show. They have started to make more reality shows and started to go for unscripted programs. When Teen wolf releases its 6th season, in the same year MTV has booked 11 unscripted shows. MTV was deciding to do some change with their categories and also we can’t blame them because reality shows were a thing at that time. 

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Are there any possibilities of Teen Wolf season 7 in the future?

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After the show got canceled, many fans came out as a defense and asked the creators, the stars, and the cast members for season 7. In an interview, Davis has said that he had numerous questions on social media regarding the reunion of the teen wolf. He further added that there are many fans who kept DMing him every time about the seventh season. David made a bold comment by saying. If there will be seven seasons he might not be the one writing it.

Moreover, there are also indications that we might see the reunion of Scott and the other cast in the future. 

The possibilities of happening in the seven seasons are low but never zero. As the fans are quite demanding for it, we might see the seventh season. But so far now, there is nothing officially announced so far. If there will then I’ll update this section. 

How fans reacted to this news?

The fans of the teen wolf are very loyal and they kept asking the cast members and the actors about the seventh season. When the news of cancellations hit the internet, Twitter was filled with tweets. 

The fans are not really happy with the cancellation news and are also hoping for the seventh season. The outrage was also because the show was originally meant for a seven-season show but later the creators thought of canceling the news.

Furthermore, I will be attaching some of the comments or tweets of the fans who are demanding season 7. If you are interested then take a look.

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What are the Ratings of This Show?

The ratings of Teen wolf decrease as the show progresses to release more seasons. The critics have rated the show with the normal ratings and the audience loved this show very much. The rotten tomatoes of Teen wolf have rated 81% to this show. The IMDb rating of Teen Wolf is 7.6/10. The Metacritic of this show with 61%. 

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The audience rating summary of this show with 4.9 stars and the fans are crazy over this show. 

Final words

Teen Wolf was first released in 2011 and it became an instant hit from the audience. The fams of this show are very loyal and they loved this show. I might see that there will be possibilities of season 7 because the fans are really excited about it. The show follows the typical supernatural kind of story which attracts the show. Now, the seventh season is already canceled by the creators and it is not really confirmed whether it will release its next season or not. 


  1. I just watched all 6 seasons and I was seeing if there was going to be a season 7, but I was thinking how the end of season 6 left off leaves it for a hole new arc like after 10 years they all get back together and even have kids that all join in Scott’s pack. Like return to beacon hill.

  2. True it needs to continue. The way season 6 ended was great n leaves us fans dying for season 7. I re-watched season 1 all the way to season six hoping and wishing that season 7 starts by the time I get through with the whole series and come to find out it did not. Once more I repeated season 1 through season 6 one more time and again left discouraged That season 7 did not come back on air so please we need season 7 we need Teen Wolf to continue on and on

  3. I need season 7 with the way season 6 ended with the cliffhanger and all. this show has helped me through COVID and if I didn’t find it I would probably be in a mental hospital and same with many other people who have watched this show we are waiting for a season 7 so, please don’t keep us viewers waiting we need that 7th season I hope season 7 is out by the time summer starts in 2022 because that is your due date
    yours truly
    August 9, 2021

  4. I need to see a season 7 you can’t just leave a cliff hanger like that it left me feeling like something big was about to happen and I want to know what it is.


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